A Wine Tour and Easter Shenanigans

This is the first Monday in quite some time that I've really dreaded getting out of bed. Being a nanny and getting to play with a baby all day while wearing yoga pants doesn't make going to work very hard. It's the best job in the world, actually.

I mean, all I've ever wanted to be was a mom and I basically get to kind of do all the mom things part time while also getting paid for it. So hooray to that. I job that finally allowed me to not become clinically depressed every Sunday evening thinking about going back to work again on Monday is a okay in my book.

But this Monday was a little different.

And that's because I had the absolute best weekend. Which is all thanks to Trevor not having to work for even a single hour on Saturday or Sunday. It's a pretty rare occurrence for that to happen since co-owning a business doesn't leave much room for him to take days off. But we took full advantage of it and did all the things together since we had time. 

Friday we went over to our friends' house for dinner and March Madness. We're all big Syracuse fans here in Upstate New York so were just a tad bit excited about winning. 

On Saturday we got up bright and early to head to Owego to look at a new sectional we put a deposit down on. Pudge came along for the ride but we didn't end up loving it, so we left it there (along with our deposit) and headed to Seneca Lake to meet up with some of Trev's family for a wine tour.

Pudge came along for this ride, too, and pretty much just stole the entire show.

A lot of the wineries and breweries are dog friendly so we stopped at five of those that are and brought him into every single one.

He, without a doubt, was far more loved than any of the actual wines or beers.

And by the end of the day he was absolutely exhausted from all the sniffing, walking, bar floor popcorn eating, and stranger meeting that he needed to be carried out of our last stop.

But we were up bright and early again the next morning for Easter and headed over to my Grandparents' for brunch and mimosas.

But not before I got a few snaps of Pudge in his bunny ears and gingham bow tie. His dad wasn't too pleased with my shenanigans but he doesn't really have any say in the matter anyway. I figured I might as well train him for my crazy holiday festiveness by using the dog since it's going to be ten times worse whenever I have a real child.

I do have to admit that the Pudge Muffin definitely would have sided with his dad should he have been able to speak. He looked so sad about it and pawed the ears off immediately. We did manage to get a family photo before heading over to Trevor's parents' house for some grilled steaks and shrimp, though.

Oh how I love that little family of mine. My heart is so full it could just burst. And I know you're probably all sick of me telling you how happy I am with life at the current moment but it really is so true. It's all so good, you guys.

And speaking of family... I can't leave you without a picture of little Miss Adalina in her Easter basket.

I meannnnnnn.... come on now. I hope you all had the hoppiest of holidays!