A Little Behind

I'm not sure where the past two weeks of my life went but I'm pretty sure I did actually live them. Holy Hotlanta is time flying! I seriously just had to check my calendar to make sure that it had really been two whole weeks since I showed up last. Easter seems likes yesterday, yet here we are almost halfway through April.

I didn't even mean to be absent for this long. I promised myself that I'd keep up with blogging but I've just been doing so many things that I can't even keep up with life let alone life and online life. So I'm just going to sum up where I've been since my last post and make things snappy.

++ I've obviously been eating Chipotle...

++ Trev and I went to Turning Stone (which is a casino an hour or two away from home) two weekends ago to watch the Syracuse NCAA game. But it's right near the city of Syracuse so there were a TON of people there watching and they had quite a few big screen projected TV's showing the game. As well as drink specials and half naked models on stilts throwing Cuse shirts to fans and a whole bunch of other craziness. All in all it was a really fun place for the Final Four.

Trevor obviously also gambled while I sat by and watched aka just tried to avoid anyone smoking at all costs because gambling gives me heart palpitations.

The next morning he had a half marathon in Cuse that we had to be up at 6am to drive to. The weather also decided to be a blizzard for the first time all winter and both the drive there and the actual run were absolutely miserable. But he did it while I sat in the car and Snapchatted about how crazy he was for it. And I do actually mean crazy. Just look at his beard at the end of it...

See? His eyelashes looked just as bad. I don't know how all your runners do it but y'all are legitimately out of your damn minds. We high-tailed it right on out of there as soon as he finished and went to Destiny USA to get breakfast at IHOP and do a little shopping. Amen.

++ We bought our first ever major purchase together on the way home as well. A new couch and love seat set!

Can you say adulting? They're way too fancy for us and Pudge is going to absolutely hate us as soon as he finds out he's not allowed to snuggle on them with us, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. Now we just need to actually go pick them up now that it's been a whole week since we bought them. Whoops.

++ I've been doing a ton of blog designing lately and loving it. This is also one of the reasons why I've been MIA since my nap times at work (I'm a nanny for any of you newbies) have been devoted to my clients instead of blogging. I posted a sneak peek of one of my favorite designs to date on Instagram last week and I'm super excited for it to be live so very soon.

++ My sister-in-law and niece arrived yesterday and will be here visiting for the whole week! My brother is away in Louisiana for a pre-deployment training (he's in the Army) so since my sister-in-law is on maternity leave and all alone without him, she decided to come up and visit so everyone here could meet the new little princess. And princess is exactly what she is. I still have yet to hear her cry.

Trevor met her for the first time last night and I pretty much just melted into a puddle of complete mush when he held her. My poor heart doesn't have any more room to hold all of the happiness inside of it. Hence the seven heart-eyed emojis on my Snapchat documenting it last night. Don't mind my crazy, guys.

++ And when we're not busy doing the seventeen other things I haven't mentioned in this post, we're all basically just doing this...