My Favorite Insta Accounts

So after I stuck these nine pictures from nine separate Instagram accounts together, I realized that they all look like they could've come from one single account. Apparently I do have a specific sense of style under this random umbrella I cover over all the things I love in this world. It goes a little like... light, bright, pink, pretty, floral, and handwritten in the Insta world, I guess? Well I certainly don't hate it, that's all I do really know.

Here are the ladies who own these gorgeous feeds and make my social media world a little more fabulous:

1. Whitney Blake - Aka my newest blog crush. I really think that we may be long lost Emoji dancing twins. She's a girl after my own heart and her Instagram account is no different. I'm almost 99.9% sure that I'll be moving into her impeccably perfect office any darn day now. You've been warned Whit. See you soon, North Carolina!

2. Lovely Indeed - Chelsea Foy is the fabulous lady behind this array of beauties. You could honestly print out any single one of her Instas, stick it in a frame, and then hang it on your wall. It's a work of art, that feed.

3. Random Acts of Pastel - Alyssa's tagline reads "I wish my whole life could be a pink ballet slipper" and, girl let me tell you, if you haven't succeeded at that in life yet, you sure have by way of your Instagram account. I so love getting my daily dose of pink color from her.

4. Laura Hooper CalligraphyI'm utterly obsessed with pretty handwriting. Seriously, half the accounts I follow are all just ladies writing out pretty words and sayings. But Laura's calligraphy and script is beyond.

5. Little Miss Party - Seri and Michelle are two moms, friends, and event planners, who live in NYC and throw the straight up cutest parties ever. I want to be them. Or just scoop up one of their party in a box collections that they've put together to make throwing your own little events way easier.

6. Saffron Avenue - Angela Schaffer, another Girl Boss I want to trade lives with. I have heart eyes over every single thing this woman does. From her graphic design, to her mug collection, to her own wedding planning ideas - she does it all in the prettiest way possible.

7. Society Social - Roxy Te is a designer and manufacturer of gorgeous bar carts and home furnishings. And who doesn't love seeing a perfectly styled bar cart every other day?!

8. Caitlin Wilson - Oh this woman and her pillows. She owns Caitlin Wilson Designs and if I had unlimited funds, I'd line every inch of my house's floor with her pillows. There's absolutely no doubt about it.

9. Little Baby Garvin - We all know my pure crazy girl infatuation for Jessica Garvin by now, so I obviously couldn't leave her off the list. The chalkboards, the love she has for every single holiday, the entertainment that is her adorable little ladies, I eat it all up.

And there we have it. 9 of my favorite Instagram accounts. Go check them out and be sure to also leave any of your own personal favorite handles down below. I'd love to add more obsessions to my feed!