Calling All Blogger Users / Kentucky Trip

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Now onto the four day weekend I spent down with my family visiting my niece in Kentucky. 

You guys.

She is just the sweetest little thing that there ever was and I need her and want her to come live with me. My uterus hurts, it really does. She's the tiniest most perfect baby I've ever met. And I'm not just being biased, I swear that little doll doesn't even cry. We went out to eat several times and I just kept saying "I forget she's even alive. She never makes any noises!"

My brother and sister-in-law are both in the Army and stationed at Fort Campbell. And this would all be great if said station wasn't a 14 hour car ride away from where my parents and I live here in New York. because good lord do I despise car trips. Any car trip. But car trips during an election year when my father talks politics for what felt like 13 of those 14 hours?

Woosah, self, woosah.

The trip was amazing, though. I loved getting to see my lil broski, I saw the midwest for the first time ever, we took little Miss Adalina on her first ever Chipotle trip (which she slept through entirely), saw a bit of the duty station, went out to eat at a place that had beer cheese dip (all the noms), watched Room, got projectile pooped on during one of the many times I changed the little lady's diaper, took Easter pictures of her in a little basket with bunny ears on, and snuggled the living daylights out of her for every other second of the trip.

I miss her already and might need to steal her in her sleep. Because... the uterus, guys.