Easter Basket For Baby

In case you missed it, I have a brand new baby niece named Adalina and she's pretty darn scrumptious.

She's my parents first grandbaby and obviously my first niece, so we're all really excited about her arrival. Oh and I'm obviously pretty pumped about having an excuse to peruse the babyland aisles of Target because anything and everything cute in life basically just lives there.

P.S. why do the babies get to wear all the fuzzy bunny tail butts and pretty pink tutus while I sit here in one of the seventeen pairs of black yoga pants that I rotate weekly? Life just isn't fair. At least I'm allowed to scoop all of the cuteness up and stick it in an Easter basket and call it a day, though. And that's just what I did this week.

See? Super adorable. Plus you can find all of it at Target, which is most likely where you'd find me if you ever needed to start a nationwide search.

But I put together a little collage and linked everything I bought since it's hard to see all of the items tucked away in that dollar spot polka-dotted basket. So here you go if you're looking for Easter basket ideas for any little ladies in your life.

                    Bunny Stuffed AnimalBlanket | Bunny Hat | Snuggle Bunny Onesie | Hop Hop Book | Flamingo