The Due Date: A Letter to Baby Girl

To my dearest little lady,

You came into my life in a way I never could have anticipated. And while I had no intentions of planning for you to do so on that Sunday night, as soon as your dad and I walked in the door from our vacation, I've been planning for you to be mine for as long as I can possibly remember.

Your arrival into my life was a swift one, but you snuck your way into the very depths of my heart even faster. And I knew right then and there, with tears pouring down my face from all of the "holy crap" and "what just happened" feelings racing through my mind, while staring at that pee-covered stick, that I could never possibly love anyone more than you. You made me a momma right then and there and I would never be quite the same ever again.

The past nine months have been some of the happiest of my life getting to watch you grow, feel you move, and plan for your arrival.

You have made this experience such an enjoyable breeze that it still doesn't feel real sometimes because I feel so completely normal. Even your dad tells people that I haven't changed at all, as if I "was made to be pregnant", and that's saying something coming from him. You're so relaxed and smooth sailing that I've even had to get a couple non-stress tests just to make sure you're still alive and kicking in there! Goodness girlfriend, I can only hope you're just as calm on the outside because you've been quite the piece of cake so far.

But today we've officially reached your due date and I'm more than ready to finally find out exactly who you are and what you look like.

Your room is ready, the bags are packed, your clothes are clean, the baby gear is all put together, the gosh darn baseboards are clean - we're ready. I mean, you still don't have a name yet and your dad is for sure going to need me to give him a "How to Care for Baby 101" class as soon as you make your appearance... but we're ready.

Oh and speaking of your dad... you are so lucky to have him. He has been nothing short of amazing to me ever since we found out about you, so I can only imagine how quickly he'll become wrapped around your little finger, too. He's so excited to be your daddy. And he has been so invested and opinionated about whatever your name will be, which is a big part of the reason why you don't have one by now. Oh and whenever he works up enough courage to discipline you some day (he's worried about actually being able to do that haha) just know he loves you and has totally come around to the fact that there wasn't blue confetti in your gender reveal balloon. He even tried to order you the "girl" Red Sox onesies instead of the generic unisex ones. Thank goodness there was a shipping issue because, YOU'RE A YANKEES FAN, YOUNG LADY!

But in all seriousness, now that we're in our final days of you being on the inside, I can only sit here and imagine who you'll be on the outside.

I hope you find all the joys there are to discover in life. I hope you learn that love is the closest thing to magic you'll ever feel and experiencing it is worth a thousand heartaches. I hope you remember to stay sweet and always be helpful. To keep your heart open and your mind kind. I pray you question the world and all that's in it. That you never let anyone dull the innocent sparkle in your eyes. That you always keep your manners in your back pocket and remember respecting everyone and everything around you will always do the trick in keeping your moral compass straight. I hope you smile. I hope you dance. I hope staring up at the stars makes your head spin in wonderment. I pray you find your confidence and use it wisely. That you stand up for anything you feel is right and always try to be better than you were yesterday. I hope you become someone you can go to sleep at night feeling proud to be, because that's all that really matters in this life.

But above all else, I hope you remember that I love you more than any string of words could ever convey and that, even if you hate me, I'm only ever doing the best I can to not screw you up. I can't wait to meet you!


Your mom

The Nursery Reveal

Well, it's finally here. My little lady's nursery reveal!

I've been about 95% done with this new favorite space of mine since mid-July but it's taken me until two days before her due date to finally post it. Yikes. We can easily say that decorating is just about my favorite thing to do, ever, but photographing my interiors and editing the pictures once I'm done? Oh heck no.

But I finally got my nonsense together and did it, so let's take a look!

If you remember my nursery inspiration board, you'll notice that just about everything in it made it's way into the actual nursery. I did print out that bunny photo but I ended up going with the swan since I needed something horizontal for her dresser space.

I also obviously don't have her name written out in the metal letters anywhere since, well, she doesn't have one yet. Cue the horror. But that's a road we won't go down because it causes me too much anxiety. Like I said, she'll have on when she's seven...

I didn't really have a theme for her room other than "neutral with touches of blush, sprinkled with a few whimsical animals". Everything in there is either white, gray, beige, or blush and there are unicorns, swans, and bunnies. It's girly without being "holy shit, you're having a little princess, let's throw sparkles and bright pink on every inch of her room and wardrobe". I'm very anti-all of that craziness.

It was also a really inexpensive makeover, which was one of my main priorities. I knew I'd get carried away if I let myself and, let's face it, the chick won't even remember her nursery so I wanted to keep things reasonable.

My dad got a great deal on the crib for me. I already had the chair, which no longer fit in the living room after we got new couches, so I just moved it into the nursery. I've never been much of a rocker with any of my nanny babies so I'm not too worried about not having a glider in there. Plus, the room is TINY so there's honestly not much space for one anyway. Her dresser and side table are both from the HEMNES collection fro IKEA, so hi, cheap. The rug is from Home Decorator's Collection which always has great sales going on and it's an amazing deal to begin with. And all of the decor items were from places like Target, TJMaxx, or Etsy, so I kept things pretty reasonable.

Here are all of the links to everything in the room. If I missed something that you'd like some info on, please let me know! There are a few things that are obviously no longer available since it's been so long since I've decorated. Whoops!

CRIB: Munire Chesapeake in light gray

UNICORN STUFFED ANIMALS: RH Baby & Child (left) and Target (right)

CRIB SHEET: Three Wishes Bedding Co. - so obsessed and in love with this!

WHITE EURO PILLOW: Target - matelasse euro sham


CHAIR: Target

CHAIR PILLOW: Target in coral view

DRESSER: IKEA - HEMNES collection 3 drawer in white stain (not currently online so similar)

SIDE TABLE: IKEA - HEMNES collection in white stain

RUG: Home Decorator's Collection - 5x8 faux sheepskin


MIRROR: Kohl's - can't find it online anymore but it's Belle Maison

BOOTS: HUNTER - kids first rain boots

JUTE HAMPER: H&M - no longer online so linked similar

CLOCK: TJ MAXX - found in store so linked similar

DRESSES: The pink one was a gift from London and gray is old from Gap


SWAN: Ornament from Target last year

FRAMES: Target - 16x20 matted for 11x14

SWAN PRINT: Etsy - Rose and Julep Paper - but it doesn't look like the shop is open anymore

ISN'T SHE LOVELY PRINTS: This is just sheet music I bought offline for five bucks, enlarged in Photoshop, and printed out at Staples.


We Made It!

It's here! Fall is really really here! I'm so proud of my little lady for staying put until she could officially be an autumn baby. Muahaha. She knows the way to her momma's heart already.

But in honor of this new favorite season of mine, I figured I'd throw together a few of my current fashion wants, err, needs for you to feast your eyes on. Because, let's face it, there's no better time for clothes buying than right now.

Plus there seems to be a sale going on just about everywhere I look. Which is bad for my wallet because I want all the things for myself and all the things for baby girl. Like this wool toggle coat and these shearling booties for her. Oh my gosh the cuteness, I can't even handle it. Why do children have to grow so quickly?!

Anyway, back to my picks for adult-sized people...


Surprise surprise with all of the neutrals, I know. But fall kind of screams for them, right? So it's not just me, guys, it's the weather.

That creamy oversized scarf is just about everything my cozy dreams are made of. And it's from Old Navy so you know it's not outrageously overpriced and you can usually always find a 30% off discount somewhere. I also pretty much live in khaki/olive green utility button ups like these. I have at least three hanging in my closet so I'm not sure why I think I need this one as well. I am actually in desperate need of some booties, though. The only ones I have come with a ton of fringe and I was over that trend before I even purchased those babies, so I'm due. Vogue's article about fall's best boots got me all excited about new ones. And I love the wrap-around detailing with the tassels on the ones I have pictured. Tassels are just one of the few trends to appear this fall that I'm loving. Oh and have I mentioned how excited I am to be able to fit into jeans again? Because I'm excited to be able to fit into jeans again....

What are you wanting most this season? And what deals are you taking advantage of?

I'm off to go throw together my thank you gifts for the hospital nurses, clean the house from top to bottom (again), and catch up on both Designated Survivor and This Is Us. I've heard such good things about the latter and I'm so excited to watch. Have a happy first day of fall, y'all!

Scarves and Boots and Pregnancy Weight, Oh My!


We're entering our 39th week over here and I think I finally feel like I'm completely ready for her to make an appearance. Except for I'd selfishly like her to wait until at least Thursday so she can be a fall baby. How ridiculous is that, guys?

But I really am serious when I say that fall is my most favorite season. Cool breezy weather that makes you need to throw on a scarf and pair of boots to stay warm makes me just as happy as all those sun worshipers feel ripping off layers in the new springtime sun.

Fall means hunkering down inside and getting cozy with blankets on the couch instead of everyone running around in different directions every weekend at BBQ's and parties. It means not sweating your booty off just from simply standing outside. It means crockpot meals. Actually just meals in general since all I want to eat in the summer is cold fruity things. It means all my favorite TV shows finally come back. Hey Scandal. It means football and layered outfits. It means THE HOLIDAYS ARE ON THE WAY! And most importantly, this year, it means we're having a baby.

So sue me when I say that I really just want her to be an "official" fall baby. Three more days, chick, three more days.

But speaking of scarves and boots and fall outfits, I'm kind of obsessed with the ones I'm wearing in these photos. I collaborated with Octer which is a unique marketplace of the biggest US stores, where you can shop departments or store by store. They really make it easy by combining all the greatest pieces in one place.

Like my olive jacquard scarf and Vince Camuto over the knee boots. I got both during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and finally got around to wearing them now that the temps have dropped a bit around here. I still have two pairs of jeans from the sale that I can't wait to wear but that won't happen until after this little lady pops out and I lose some baby weight.

Oh and that baby weight? Yeah about that. It's definitely something I could pay entirely way too much attention to if I let myself go there. But I don't. I reallyyy have to reign my mind in and force myself not to focus on it since I know it's all necessary in growing a healthy little munchkin. But man, it's such an odd thing to experience.

I've gained 35 pounds.

Which is basically almost a third of my entire pre-pregnant body weight.

I remember snapchatting way back in the beginning about how crazy it was for me to hit the 120 pound mark on the scale since I had never seen that number in my life. And now that I'm inching closer and closer to the 150 mark, I laugh at myself.

My midwife tells me at every appointment "You were actually underweight for your height when you first came here, so everything you've gained is absolutely normal for you." And I just keep holding onto that statement. As well as the fact that I pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the majority of the last nine months and didn't work out at all, so it's not like I did much to keep my thighs in check haha.

But man, looking at myself in pictures these days is not my favorite thing to do. I look at myself and see a completely different person. Everything is just so swollen and pudgy!

Let's just say that I will be more than ready to get back to my pre-pregnant body once she arrives and I get the go ahead to start exercising. That saying that goes something like "I wish I were as fat now as I was the first time I thought I was fat." is oh so true.

If any momma's out there have anything they suggest, please send your ideas my way. I'm thinking something along the lines of DVD workouts or Tone It Up online videos or something that I go do in my living room while the baby naps. But I'm open to anything so let me know what's worked for you!

Maternity Photos and An Update

Well we're two weeks away from due date and I haven't posted a bumpdate in, I don't even know... months? Sounds about right. I really hope I'm better about keeping updated with her growth out of my belly than I was with her in it. Because I obviously failed miserably at documenting this pregnancy.

I figured a couple maternity photos, taken by my friend Laura Gallup, would be the best update for the time being. Take a look!

But where are we now? I hit 38 weeks tomorrow and haven't seen a single sign of her popping out anytime soon.

I honestly feel completely normal. For about 90% of the day I don't even feel pregnant. There's definitely that other 10% where I feel like a blimp and things certainly get a little uncomfortable when I get a swift kick to the ribs, but other than that, I've been really lucky.

Every pregnant woman I've ever known always seemed to hit that "Get it the heck out of me/I'm so completely over this" point at the end of pregnancy, but I haven't gotten there yet. I'm assuming I will within the next couple weeks? Who knows. At this rate I could stay pregnant until Christmas and be fine with it. Except for that's a complete and utter lie because I'm just so DARN excited to meet her.

I want to meet her and know what she looks like more than I've ever wanted anything else in my life.

And I want to snuggle her and watch Trevor become wrapped around her little finger and have Pudge sniff her for all of eternity even more. So. Mother. Ducking. Excited.

Seeing everyone I love the most in this world have so much excitement over her arrival is pretty much the best thing ever as well. I catch Trev peeking into her nursery quite often these days. I'll come out of the laundry room or something and see him standing halfway through the doorway of her room and I'll be like "Whatcha doin' babe?" and he'll say "Just peeking" or "Just checking on it" and I die. It's such a bizarre feeling knowing that she'll actually be in there any day now.

What's also absurd is the fact that she doesn't have a name yet. Queue panic.

We have a rolling list of three or four names that we like but we haven't settled on one or chosen one by any means.

I don't pray, but I pray to all the gods in Game of Thrones that she comes out distinctly looking like one of the ones we have picked out and that we both end up going "Yup. That's it." Because man is this the most stressful thing ever.

As for being ready: I'm about there but I seem to be quite the opposite of the typical nester. That all came to me right away instead of right towards the end.

I had pretty much everything done by the end of my second trimester. And now that I'm actually supposed to be nesting, all I want to do is absolutely nothing. So I've been putting off the last minute things like vacuuming out my car (so much dog hair) to get the car seat in there, packing my hospital bag, getting her bassinet in our room, and setting up all my mama recovery supplies.

And that all desperately needs to be finished this week so send me some positive vibes, guys! I did manage to at least pack the little lady's hospital bag, so that's a solid win, right?

Oh and I also need to photograph the nursery and get those picture up on this blog of mine as well. Anyone wanna come do that whole photographing thing for me? I'll pay you in licks from Pudge because he's all about licking both Trev and me all over these days. Such a weirdo, that one.

Hopefully I'll be back with a nursery reveal by the end of the week!