Current Wish List and Recent Buys

BAG: I've fallen in love with bows and I don't care who knows it. This Burberry leeather crossbody is just the cutest thing, isn't it? I mean it's way more than my bag budget (do people actually have those?) would ever allow but a girl can dream right. I found it while perusing my way around Lyst. I know I've mentioned this site on here before, but if you still haven't heard of this site, you need to go check it out. It's an awesome online retailer that rounds up fashion from designers and stores from all over the world and puts everything in one convenient shopping place. This alone made it so easy for me to see a ton of different bag options, like Burberry's, all in one convenient location.

CHARMS: Is it every new mom's right of passage into motherhood to buy some sort of personalized jewelry item with their baby's name or initials on it? Because you can just call me  Cliche if so. I think I finally found something I love through Nashelle, though. They sell mini charms like these that are just 3/8 of an inch in size which is perfect for me because I love dainty simple pieces. And I love that I could get three different ones and put them all on one necklace without it being overkill. The puppy paw for Pudge, a heart for Trev, and just a circular disc with an initial for baby girl. I mean the puke factor is definitely overkill but that's a whole other story haha.

JEANS: These aren't so much a wishlist item since they're currently on their way to my doorstep right now. They're one of my recent buys and also a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I love the distressed look of them and have googly eyes every time I see another Blogger wearing them on Instagram. Now to get my new pregnancy sized thighs into them after the birth of this baby...

SUNNIES: I don't like wearing too much color but I do love to add it in using accessories. This is the perfect pop of pink!

LEGGINGS: Do you have these leggings? You probably do and I'm just the last person on the planet to finally come to know about their existence. Ever since I added them to my shopping cart I see them everywhere and everyone keeps raving about them saying they're THEE legging to have. I was seriously supposed to order like five pairs of them or something. They're that good, they say. I'll let you know my verdict when they arrive.

EYELET TOP: I die over eyelet anything. It's just so frilly and cute and girly. Plus white is my favorite color to wear so this is screaming at me to buy it.

BOOTS: Probably my most exciting recent purchase I can't wait for these Vince Camuto beauties to arrive. I got the tan color and I'm going to apologize now for wearing them all year long, in every outfit picture I post, from here on out. Plus they were $80 off which is just amazing in itself.

And that does it. Tell me what's on your wish list!

My Go-To Summer Sandals

Outfit sources: crochet vest / tank / jeans / sandals

Are these just not the cutest sandals? They're from German Slippers, a company based in (you guessed it) Germany. I've been blogging for four years now and I can without a doubt say I've never collaborated with a company as awesome as this one. Add on a product that I can honestly put my full support behind and it's a match made in heaven.

I mean, how awesome are those sandals up there? They're the Haflinger Bio Lena's in gray and they are everything.

The color is perfect since we all know how obsessed I am with anything and everything gray. They go with just about any outfit. They fit like they were seriously made for my foot. The arch is a bit higher than I'm used to since I tend to only buy cheap summer sandals from Target (hello flat as cardboard) but for anyone needing that extra arch support, these are just an added bonus in aiding in that.

They have a bunch of other styles to choose from in their Summer Collection, as well. There's the more classic looking pair in the Andrea's, but my personal favorite are the Conny's. I just love the sand color and the texture of the leather. Plus they're more like your typical flip flop style which always makes life easy when slipping them on and off when you're on the go.

All of the summer sandals in their shop right now fall under their Haflinger brand. They all have anatomically formed cork footbeds that mold to your feet. All of the materials are natural and made in an eco friendly manner with an emphasis on maintaing proper foot health for the wearer. Sign me up for all of the above - especially for the foot health since these pregnant feet have been getting prettyyy tired by the end of the day.

There's really not much to not love about them. I've gotten numerous compliments on them already and I only just started wearing them a couple weeks ago. A lot of people have been asking me if they're Birkenstocks to which I proudly with respond with a "No, they're even better!" So if you're looking for a similar style, these should be your go-to.

Run right now to check them out and order your own pair! 

And because I wasn't lying when I said German Slippers is one of the best companies I've ever worked with, they're offering 50% off to all of my readers. How's that for a price cut, guys?!

Just enter the promo code "Summer50" in your shopping cart or while checking out and you'll be all set. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Happy sandal shopping!

Eye Rolling at My Own Self

Happy Monday, guys! Don't ask me why I feel so chipper today seeing as it is Monday after all and my fun-filled weekend is officially over. Maybe it's because the Bachelorette is on tonight and I'm planning on Thai food? Who knows.

Here are some quick snippets from my weekend along with the reasoning behind my blog post title.

ONE // These sandals are from German Slippers and I can't wait to share them up close and personal in their own post later this week. They're amazing and I've absolutely loved working with this awesome company on a collaboration. But I finally had some pictures taken of me wandering around in them so be on the lookout for those and a discount in a couple days!

TWO // Saturday was date night so we decided to make a quick little trip down to Horseheads/Elmira to go to Red Lobster and then the drive-in movies.

To my surprise it was CRAB FEST at the restaurant and I did a little dance inside my head and then died after seeing it on the menu because crab legs are just about my favorite food on this planet. Trev bought three pounds of them from a local seafood place for my birthday on the 3rd, so I just housed a whole bunch a couple weeks ago. To get them again so soon after was just everything and more. Props to that handsome man of mine for sitting there with me for 45 minutes after he was done with his steak watching me devour every last ounce of crab meat.


After our bellies were stuffed we headed to the drive-in, which we had both never done before. We cleaned out the back of Trev's truck and filled it with a futon mattress and tons of comforters, throws, and Euro pillows. Then as soon as the sun went down we got to watch two movies: The Secret Life of Pets (which sucked horribly and I was so disappointed) and Tarzan, all while snuggled up in a sea of blankets.

It was definitely one of my favorite dates ever and I can't wait to go back again.

THREE // My moses basket for the little miss arrived and I'm so in love with it. I can't believe there's going to be a real life baby in there in a little over two months! The adorable handmade blanket is from Black River Boutique on Etsy and every momma out there needs to go snag one.

FOUR // Ice cream happened. Because duh.

FIVE // The reasoning behind all the eye rolls in the entire world. Please judge me for this because I can't even deal with myself enough to judge my own antics, so somebody needs to.

Here it goes: I got a Nordstrom credit card and bought things from their Anniversary Early Access Sale. Oh and now I'm also blogging about it.

I'll give you a moment to throw up. Especially since I legitimately just tweeted some sassy statement about how "I've never purchased anything from Nordstrom in my life yet I'm miraculously still alive." about three days ago.

But that really is true and I kind of do have a logical explanation for the flip flop.

You see, a separate fashion company reached out to me asking to collaborate and I said yes. They told me to pick an item from their site and I did but this is one of those sites that sells clothing from all different online retailers and the item I wanted just so happened to be from Nordstrom. Oh and this item was part of the Early Access sale, which meant that I couldn't actually get it unless I got the card and bought it from itself.

Turns out that effing item sold out before I had a chance to get my shit together enough to sign up and buy it (ball sacks) buttt the hook was already sunk deep down in because I had been accidentally lured into seeing all the other awesome deals. Plus, fall is my all-time most favoritest season of the year (like I can't even put into words how happy it makes my heart) so I really just couldn't help myself.

And now here we are with seven items on their way to me. Eek!

I don't want to be completely puke-worthy to the point that you hate me, so I decided not to make a collage of all the crap i bought because you've probably seen it a billions times over by now anyway. But basically it's everything in this look above on Caitlin, just in different colors.

-CARDIGAN: I snagged two of these in heather grey and olive because I live in them in the fall and they're only thirty bucks - which is basically the same price as ones I'd buy from Target.

-JEANS: I finally bit the bullet and decided to order a "nice" pair of jeans, aka designer ones for way more than I've ever spent on denim before. I've wanted to for awhile now but I just couldn't ever rip the "but American Eagle still fits me and they're only $30" band aid off and take the plunge. I'm hoping these Paige skinnies are everything I hope they'll be. That is when I lose all this pregnancy weight and can fit into non-maternity again. I've made them my motivation for post-baby!

-TEE: These seemed to be on every single blogger's sale "pick list" so I decided to get two and try them out myself. I love slouchy tees and they're only $15, so why not right? I got grey and grape leaf because the white was sold out already, womp.

-SCARF: The scarf Caitlin's wearing was sold out too but I liked this red plaid one better anyway. My first blanket scarf - I feel so cliche. And so happy about it, too.

-LEGGINGS: These obviously aren't pictured but they have over 2400 reviews from people praising them up and down so I went ahead and grabbed a pair. Plus I think these will get quiteee a lot of use now that I'm going to be a momma attempting to get her body back in gear post pregnancy.

There are seven billion other things I really wanted to buy but I'm trying desperately to maintain at least a tiny bit of self control here. But tell me, did you buy anything from the sale or are you like the me from three days ago that scoffs at all these crazies saying "Nordstrom who?"

Being Fickle is The Devil

I'm this way with just about anything. Whether it's about what I want for dinner or about what color diaper bag I want to buy (P.S. I got this one). I go back and forth and switch emotions at the drop of a dime.

That's even the case with this baby squished inside my belly taking up all my room for Chipotle and black raspberry ice cream cones.

I texted Trevor saying something along the lines of "I'm so unbelievably excited for her to get here already. I just want to see her and know her and have her be ours. But I also don't ever want her to come because I'm going to miss it just being us and Pudge and getting to be lazy all afternoon watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the couch."

True life, guys.

I feel like one of those "second time around" moms who's mourning the end of it just being them and their first born, except I'm feeling sad about the end of "Just Trevor and Erin" life.

Because it's weird when you don't really plan to have a baby and one just surprisingly pops up out of nowhere when you didn't think it was possible for one to do any popping at all.

We didn't get to actively decide to end our days of sleeping in, and spending money on "fun" instead of on diapers, and going to the bar instead of the playground. The change was forced upon us instead.

The instances when I feel this way are rare (usually when I wake up to pee at 2am feeling like a zombie and realize I'm going to have to be doing a whoooooole lot more of that in two months) but they're there. And I feel guilty that I don't feel more guilty about it. I mean, I feel like it's a pretty normal reaction for someone with a surprise pregnancy, no?

I didn't have the heads up telling me to go take the vacations I really want to take, or to save up more money, or to buy a bigger family friendly house before the two pink lines showed up. I didn't really have a pre-baby bucket list, but there are definitely things that I would've done before bringing a baby into this crazy world of mine now that I can retroactively look back.

But don't get me wrong here...

I'm 100% over the moon thrilled about becoming a mom and I honeslty don't even really have the words to describe my excitement about this little lady coming into our world, but I think it's still totally okay to already be missing our baby-less life. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that even parents who do plan to have children still somewhat mourn the loss of their pre-baby lives.


And I don't feel guilty because I know that as soon as we see her we'll never wish to ever go back to living a day without her.

Blog Design Launch: Sweet Tea and Sass

My latest design launch is for the lovely Rachel over at Sweet Tea and Sass.

She emailed me during my Blogger design sale hoping to get in on the action and I was so excited to add her to my client list after receiving her inspiration board. It was filled with florals, handwritten script fonts, wood, and bright pinks and greens.

These were her words when answering my "What exactly do you want in a new design?" question:

"I want something that is totally different than what I have now. Something that achieves a balance of classic yet fun; rustic chic combined with classic southern charm. But please, please, please use your creativity – I love your aesthetic and trust your design judgement."

I got to work right away and came up with everything you see in the image above. The colors I chose at first were way more muted than the present ones, so after changing those over to these brighter hues to give everything more of a pop we were all set. After I sent the second mockup over to her she loved it and mentioned how surprised she was over the process being so quick and easy.

That, of course, was music to my ears as a designer and I was ready to install it.

You can check out her live site here and if you're up for it you can totally pin the blog design board that I posted above to your Pinterest. Let me know if you do so I can make sure to follow you back!