Friday, October 31, 2014

Five For Friday

It's Friday and it's Halloween, so we're going to make this one real quick because this girl still has quite a few errands to run and a costume to put together. Five for Friday, let's do it.

1. Target has Christmas decor out. I repeat, my favorite store has my favorite holiday's decor out. Cue the need for restraints, once again, so that I don't go spend my entire life's fortune in that one damn aisle. First it was the white and gold collection I kept blabbing on about and now it's this Farmhouse Collection because I want the red plaid sherpa blanket and the vintage looking scooter pillow like no other. 

2. I'm loving learning. This past week in my graphic design class, we used InDesign for the first time and I fell madly in love. It's pretty much the end all be all for creating collages like I'm obsessed with doing. And that was exactly what our in-class assignment was this week, so naturally I OD'ed on happiness. We were supposed to pick a single word and then create a mood board/collage of color samples and photos that demonstrated that word. I could pretty much do that all damn day long, especially now that I've learned how to do it rapid-fire style with this Adobe program. Because up until now I've been using Microsoft Paint to do it. Let us all bow our heads in shame for a second, I know. But, see, that's exactly why I'm going back to school. To be a big kid and learn real technology. 

Anyway, I chose the word "Natural" and this was my board:

My professor gave me great compliments on my "eye for design" and a fellow student even said it looked "professional, like a Target add would look". Say what?! Wouldn't that be my dream job, designing layouts of products from my favorite store. But let's just say that it was a great critique session and I was loving class that day. Mark a win down in my book.

3. You need to make these. I put it on Instagram, but if you don't stalk me there I figured I'd put it here because it's just that good and simple. Apple slices, caramel drizzled on top, and then chopped up Snickers sprinkled all over. Nom fest at its finest. Last year I spread peanut butter on the apples instead of caramel and it was also just as good. Whatever toppings you use, just do it, so that way I won't feel as bad about stuffing my face with a 500+ calorie "snack".

4. Halloween is hard. I've been to a Halloween store and Party City twice now. All I've walked out with was a children's bunny set complete with ears and a fluffy tail. And yes I did say "children's". Because yesterday while I was working, a gas and electric guy came to the door and asked me if my parent's were home upon me answering it. I continued to say no, I'm the nanny and he was like "oh damn, I'm sorry, I thought you were like twelve." Mark a fail down in my book for that one.

5. I added a couple new prints to the Etsy shop. It's nothing much, yet, but it's at least something new. The pink and gold party that threw up everywhere has all been wiped up and we're currently looking at some classically black and white simple designs. There's a lot more swirling around in my head and in my draft folder (Even some Christmas themed ones!) but I couldn't bare looking at all those old designs anymore, so I decided to at least put the few that are done up. Go check them out!

And that's just about all I've got going on today. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. Double double toil and trouble!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sex Dolls, Yankees Tees, and Wineries

The only problem with having really amazing weekends is that they always have to end. Mondays are hell any way you look at them, but they're especially hell after you had a great Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Like I said last Thursday, Trev's college roommate and his girlfriend were coming up from the city to spend the weekend with him. They got into Ithaca right before lunch so we headed to The Ithaca Ale House to grab a bite to eat before heading to Ithaca Beer Co for a couple beers. I highly suggest both options if you're ever in the area and in the market for good food (try the buffalo chicken wing dip) and beer (get the apricot wheat).

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we got to sit out back on their really pretty patio area and talk about all things college, since all four of us went to Oneonta State. The weird thing is that neither of us couples hung out together as couples when we were actually there. It wasn't until years later that both of us ended up dating fellow alumni. It's funny the way the world works sometimes.

After lunch and beers we headed back to our hometown to shoot guns. No really, that's exactly what we did. Well, the boys did anyway. Trev's friend, Brian, had never shot one before and he wanted to cross it off his bucket list. So Trev got his shotgun out, nailed a homemade paper plate bulls eye across the pond, and showed him the ropes while his girlfriend and I stood nearby plugging our ears and half freaking out that someone would lose a limb.

It was a pretty cute best friend bro moment, for sure. Plus there's just something about guys and guns, am I right?

Later on that night we all headed to Little Venice in our hometown for my Dad's 50th birthday party. There were about a million and a half people there for dinner and then it was on to the bar for way too many shots, a couple gag gifts (insert naked blowup doll lady), quite a few dance moves, and a bit of a hangover for half of the party goers the next morning.

Oh and we can't forget part of the photo shoot that took place between me and Trevor, who lost a bet to me way back in September when the Red Sox lost a series to the Yankees. Side note: how I actually allowed myself to date a Boston fan, I will never know. Side note 2: how I actually get into his Jeep that proudly displays a Red Sox decal on the back blows my damn mind. But anyway, the bet was that he had to buy a Yankees shirt of my choosing and wear it out to the bar if the Yankees won, and me buy a Sox shirt if they won.

The Yankees won, so I won. And I obviously needed to document my win, but in typical boy fashion, he tried to sabotage the whole thing by being goofy and making me die of laughter in every single picture. Thanks babe...

That last one is about 25% of the way there, maybe? Seriousness is not a virtue we possess, apparently.

Saturday's festivities rolled around pretty quickly the next morning and we were off to wine tour around Seneca Lake. Another thing Trevor's friend had never done and needed to check off that list of his. I wasn't really complaining.

For anyone familiar with the Finger Lakes area, this was our mini tour schedule: we started out at the hippy fest that is Rasta Ranch Vineyards, filled with Woodstock memorabilia, home to two port-a-potties for bathrooms, and even one classy gentleman that asked me if I'd like to come into one of them with him. How unfortunate that this was our first stop and I hadn't drank much wine yet or I totally would have taken him up on that offer. Oy vey. Then we stopped at Big Johnson's Tavern which is the complete opposite of a hippie fest in that it's a hick fest. I mean, there wasn't just a taxidermy deer head on the wall; there was an entire taxidermy deer standing in there. It's also not a winery but a hole in the wall dive bar. So a round of PBR later and I was ready for a real winery with real wine glasses and real scenery. And that brought us to Atwater, which has easily become my most favorite because the wine is great and the views are impeccable.

See what I mean? Thus the reason we I needed to indulge in yet another round of photos, because, hello the view, and because, hello, I'm trying to be a better blogger over here.

And there we go being so serious again.

Afterwards, we walked over to Two Goats brew pub which is right next door because we couldn't seem to make up our minds on whether we wanted to house wine or beer for the day. A little bit of both, plus a wine slushy at our last stop, Hazlett's, and then on to two more bars after that for the remainder of the evening, were all the reasons for hangover number two of the weekend. But hey, we definitely planned for a weekend of too much alcohol, so all in all, I think it was quite the success story.

Sunday was spent lounging around watching football, eating Vietnamese in downtown Ithaca, bringing Brian and his girlfriend back to their bus, and then snuggling up and watching SIX HOURS of Game of Thrones together. I told you we were obsessed… And that brings us back to the real world of work and detoxing and more Game of Thrones, because I need to know what happens in all seventeen hundred of those story lines.

Cheers to a great rest of the week, hopefully finding the motivation to study for my midterm that is tomorrow, and maybe actually getting my Halloween costume together before Friday rolls around.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A(nother) Countdown of Sorts

My name is Erin and I'm here to admit that blogging is hard for me. I also admit that I think I've started every single post these last couple months with some sort of line saying "Wow, I really suck at this now, what in the hell went wrong?" But that's okay because it's just the gosh darn truth. You know how there's that bell curve for fashion trends that starts out a little slow and then shoots straight up, all to level out for a little while and then come crashing down some umpteen amount of days later? Well that's exactly what happened with this little space of the interwebs I call Two Thirds Hazel. 

It's been obvious to me for quite awhile now. My nannying job ending, me moving out of Manhattan, traveling all summer, a heartbreaking break up, my brother's engagement/wedding, the excitement and business of summertime in general, and then a new and unexpected relationship that has gladly soaked up every waking minute of my free time are all players in this chess gamed called "The Demise of Erin's Blog". 

Ron Wesley would seriously be kicking my ass if this was The Chamber of Secrets.

But it wasn't really until Danielle (who's a no-reply commenter (side note: pretty please, I beg of you, stop being a no-reply commenter if you are one) so I couldn't find her anywhere online) commented on my post yesterday saying "For starters, hi I'm Danielle and you're me new second favorite blogger so don't disappear for weeks again please! I enjoy your rambling." I obviously ignored the part where she said "second favorite blogger" because, what the heck girllll, and went straight for the "don't disappear for weeks again" bit. That obviously doesn't mean much to any of you but it certainly does for me because A) It's pretty exciting to feel that kind of love and B) Because I know I'd be a little lost if my favorite bloggers suddenly called it quits and didn't allow me to stalk their lives anymore.

It's an insanely strange community us bloggers and blog readers build together in this way. There are quite a few negatives that get dished out on to the table with it, but for the most part, the end result of things around here is pretty awesome. 

So, the moral of this ridiculously long intro that was honestly supposed to be an intro until it basically ended up being an entire post, is that I'm going to sincerely try to not disappear for weeks again. I've said it before, I know, but I'm saying it again. Now someone just hold me to it. Oh and someone give me a word limit when introducing blog posts because, my goodness, I can't even remember how this was a lead-in in the first place now.

Oh, I got it. 

Blogging is hard. Coming up with posts is hard (P.S. if you have any requests for topics or questions you'd want answered in a Q&A type post, hit me up). So I may or may not steal some of my old post ideas and revamp them. And today I'm stealing my "Countdown of Sorts" from over a year ago and tweaking things a bit. Let's get to it. Feel free to grab the prompts to play along!

Five things I'll be doing over the coming weekend:
1. Celebrating my dear Daddy's 50th birthday tomorrow night with a big party!

2. Getting to spend four whole nights and three whole days with my boyfriend free from either of us working, which will be a first ever since we met a whole two months ago. Insert sarcasm on the "whole" front.

3. Meeting and hanging out with Trev's college roommate and his girlfriend who will be staying with us all weekend. I'm already in hangover preparation mode. P.S. Did you know Pedialyte and Midol are miracle workers? Sorry yellow Gatorade, your unicorn pee days are over.

4. Hopefully maybe possibly renting a limo bus and going on a wine tour.

5. And finally, not having to say "ugh" and swear every other five minutes because the Giants can't lose. Thank you BYE week.

Four of my current favorite pins from Pinterest:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Three items that I really need or would really love to purchase:
1. Socks. This is a legitimate and recurring issue in my life. I'll buy 18 pairs of socks and within a month they'll all go missing. Where on earth do they go?!

2. Frye boots. Yup, still want a pair.

3. This was also on my list a year ago but here we are again. "An iPhone case so that I can stop being an idiot by cracking my screen every other three months." Yup, that definitely happened a couple times. But this is the one I currently want.

Two things that are bothering me:
1. Staticky hair and dry hands and chapped lips and legs that get prickly two minutes after you get out of the shower from shaving them. As they say in Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming."

2. The people that say we shouldn't talk about Renee Zellweger's face. Are you for real? If someone goes and drastically changes the way they look, on purpose, then why in the hell are we not supposed to comment on it? Isn't that half the reason we do things like that in the first place? And don't even try to tell me we only get dressed up and put make up on and cut our hair for ourselves and the way we feel inside. I call bullshit.

One quote that speaks straight to my soul right now:
1. There are seriously no truer words for my life than these the past few months. When I read them I  did one of those wide open mouth jaw drop type things and went "Holy shit, yes." And I'm oh so happy and grateful and amazed and shocked and glad about it.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random Bullet Points of Nothingness

This blog of mine used to center around all the random things floating around in my head. I think there's even some tagline that reads "The random ramblings of a twenty something New Yorker making her way through life." hogging up the Internet space somewhere. 

P.S. seriously Erin? Just gag me. 

But anyway, back in the day (I'm so old, I know) I used to just sit my ass down in front of this laptop and pour every darn thought from these fingers, whether it made logical sense and was coherent or not.  I miss the days where bullet points were my friend and lists were fun, so that's what we're going to do today. Enjoy the ride because I don't even know where I'm going with this...

+ 63 days until Christmas. That is all.

+ With my car purchase over the weekend, I also scored an "unlimited car washes for life" deal. Thanks Maguire Nissan in Ithaca, you guys rock the jingle bells right off of Lindsay Lohan's socks. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about this amazing fact or for the actual car itself.

+ There isn't anything gummy in my house and I'm slowly dying inside.

+ I broke down and ended up buying the gold lanterns from Target's white and gold Threshold collection. I knew I shouldn't have ever stepped foot down that damn aisle. So much for that pesky little thing called willpower...

+ Oh and then I came straight home and put them in Trev's apartment, along with some pumpkins and other fall decor and he got all confused and asked me if they were decorations "for always" or just decorations for fall. Men…

+ Oh and then I told him to get used to it because as soon as Christmas comes along it's going to look like Santa ate the entirety of the North Pole and then threw up all over his place. As long as you prepare them in advance then you're not crazy right? Right. Let's just say I lucked out since he's already gone so far as to ask me if I want colored or white lights for the tree. And that's what I'd call a gift from the gods, my friends. Check please.

+ On the holiday front, I'm 95% sure I have my Halloween costume figured out. I'm also 95% sure that I have absolutely nothing purchased in order to make said Halloween costume actually come to life. The struggle is really real when procrastination enters the game.

+ Bethenny Frankel made my life with her announcement the other day.

+ And then Blake Lively ruined my whole mood right after. I'm never getting pregnant. #shitjustaintfair

+ Tomorrow is Thursday, aka #TGIT, aka Shondaland day, aka the only day I don't pout that my boyfriend has to work late on some days, aka Erin is so happy and entranced in a bingefest of television to even care about the rest of the world. PSA: if you don't watch Scandal you need to 'X' out of this website so you an open up Netflix right freaking now. That's an order Gladiator.

+ Speaking of binge watching television, I started Game of Thrones. Because everyone I know and then some has told me how great of a show it is and also because Trev hasn't seen any of it and wanted to start the seasons too. And who am I to turn down 40 hours of guaranteed snuggling? Plus, I have my very own personal eye coverer when all the sad and/or gory parts happen (thanks babe). LIKE WHEN AN ENTIRE HORSE'S HEAD GOT SLICED OFF IN ONE PIECE. What in the actual hell, guys, what in the actual hell… I think I cried.

+ I really miss my nanny babe and I'm so stinkin' glad that I took so many videos of him over the two years that I had him because they sure have been getting their fair share of airtime lately.

+ I need this blanket like I need the world to rain puppies. I clicked on the link on Pinterest but it just took me to some foreign site and my head started to spin. Someone out there make this for me. Please. I'll go to Hogwarts and learn how to make the world rain puppies myself if it meant that I could have this.

And I think that's all the randomness I have for the day. I hope I didn't lose you along the way. Happy Humpday, bitches.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm A Big Kid Now!

This past weekend (which was over a day ago now, I know) was a great one. First off, I got my first very own car! Insert excited jumping and cartwheels and cheesin' it smiley faces drawn from ear to ear and you'll have me in a nutshell Saturday morning at the dealership.

I've obviously driven and "had" cars over the years, since I've had a license for almost 10 years (YIKES!) and all, but they were always just my parents' old junker cars. And then after I moved to Manhattan at the age of 20, there was obviously no need for me to buy one of my own. Subways and cabs and walking and not having to worry about a DD after too many beers for the win. P.S. that's probably one of the only things I miss about living in the city. That and 2am Chinese food deliveries, but who's counting.

But now that I'm back home again, I was in definite need of my own ride. And the only one I really had my heart set on was a white Nissan Rogue because I've wanted a white SUV for about as long as I can even remember. My parents weren't too pleased since they thought I should be spending my hard earned money on a used car with a lower payment, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

And thus...

I got a brand new pearl white Rogue baby to call my very own! Isn't she a beauty? I just love her. Now just to think of a name...

After the shock of driving something brand new into my driveway wore off, it was time for pumpkins. Because my middle name should be Holiday and celebrating them should be my last name. Plus, doing holiday things with a boyfriend just makes my already happy heart ten billion and one times happier. I don't even know what's going to happen to me come Christmastime when we go cut down a tree together. I'll puke for you all now...

And this was the outcome of our carving adventure. Mine and Trevor's on top and my dad's (who would've won this year's contest if we actually had one) down on the bottom. The man whipped out his drills and special knives and disappeared in the garage for a solid thirty minutes crafting up that mouse hole gem. And now we know where I got the creative crafting gene from. Thanks Dad.

Sunday was spent back at Silver Queen Farm doing some of my Digital Photography homework with my friend Laura who's also in my class. P.S. I could probably take pictures of all the fall things forever. Thank goodness Christmas comes right after fall ends because I'd be one depressed little nugget if I couldn't replace the gorgeousness with stockings and shiny red balls.

P.P.S. School Update: I'm totally loving it. One, because what I'm learning actually interests me. Two, because I'll actually use what I'm learning in real life. Three, because I get to use "no I have to do homework" to get out of doing chores for my parents. Win win win. 

But anyway, this week's assignment was to take multiple shots of the same scene, just with the subject  (me) moving around to different places in that scene. Then once we upload all of the different shots onto the computer, we'll use Photoshop to make one single image with all of the different "me's" in the same shot. Does that even make sense? Probably not but I'll show you the outcome next week or something. Here were a couple outtakes... 

After I got fed up with trying to take seventy pictures of myself jumping around a farm (that was how many I needed for the homework), I headed home to make the dogs "model" in order to fill up the rest of the criteria. Best idea I've had since taking home that Nissan and picking a boyfriend who didn't put up a fight when being asked to do gross holiday things with me.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Give Me All The Things

1. Hat - Now that I'm back living in Upstate New York, I'm a little nervous for the impending winter months coming my way. Any winter is bad when you live in this state, but Upstate snow is a whole heck of a lot worse than New York City snow. So that means it's time for me to bundle up like a bug in a rug and this Nordic faux fur ear-flapped hat from Fjall Raven would be absolutely perfect for the job. I mean how cute right?! Plus, they also have a whole bunch of high quality, durable, and really warm winter jackets that I might just have to hit the purchase button on as well. Because, let's face it, my H&M peacoat just isn't going to cut it.

2. Pumpkins - This damn Threshold white and gold fall decor collection from Target. It's just not fair, guys. I mean, how can they even do this to me? I want every single darn thing and I think they might've made it specifically for my soul. I think my middle name should actually just be Threshold at this point. That is until we're back to the holiday season and then it needs to be "Holiday" again. Buy anyway, I've seriously been in Target five times since the collection came out and I've forced myself to not walk by it each time just because I know I'd buy the entire damn aisle. Oy vey, somebody stick me in a straight jacket.

3. Wooden Box - Ever since I found out H&M had a home collection I fell in love. And hard. Everything is so rustic and worn looking, yet still totally adorable and I just seem to really enjoy it. Plus we all know how much I love my storage containers for clutter, so this box is pretty much perfect.

4. Checked Throw - Grey and white and cozy and nice. That just about sums up my style, so obviously I need this throw. This style of large checks also reminds me of something that should be sitting on a comfy big red couch in a winter cabin during Christmastime with two mugs of hot chocolate waiting patiently for a snuggle sesh to ensue. And we all know know much of my heart is filled with all things snuggly and Christmastime, so duh, it's on the damn list people. P.S. 51 more days until I can officially start decorating and watching The Grinch. Bring it on!

5. Plaid Flannel - Here we go again with the grey and white thing again. I guess we know I wasn't lying. But I love my flannels and the ones at Old Navy right now like this one are perfect (and cheap!) so you should totally go scoop up one or five like I did this past week.

6. Lantern - This guy is also part of that Target collection we're trying to force out of our heads even though it seems to just sneak right back in. I really want to stick this on the floor by a fireplace and fill it with all those white pumpkins from #2 up there. But guess who doesn't have a fireplace to do just that? This girl. So someone live out my dream and send me a picture gosh darn it.

7. Combat Boots - My friend Meghan came home a couple weeks ago wearing these and I fell in love with them on her. The only problem is that I'm not a "combat boot kind of girl" so I'm also not really sure how I'd go about wearing them. Skinnies and leggings I guess? Who knows. Obviously my time spent getting a fashion degree didn't really pan out too well. But if anyone else is looking for a really cute pair, they're from Kohl's and they're on sale right now! 

P.S. I'm going to start offering some new prints in my Etsy shop soon! So all of the current ones need to get a move on straight out of there. And that means all prints are buy one get one free for a limited time only! Just use code "MOVINGONOUT" when you add two prints to your cart and you'll get the second one free.


P.P.S. Today I have a beauty to share with you. Her name is Kiersten and she blogs over at She is Fierce. She's not your typical lifestyle blogger. Instead of OOTD's and random daily life posts, she focuses more on the serious stuff that we should all honestly be reading more of. Take it away girl.

My name is Kiersten. I'm a 20-something recent graduate, finding my way around working in the city. I love cats, photography and writing, arguing, and Netflix, and you'll find plenty of all of that stuff on She is Fierce. She is Fierce is a lifestyle blog about the things that matter to me.  Whether it's feminism, creative writing, inspiration, creativity, or blogging, you'll find all kinds of interesting articles and essays on my space.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Romantic Evening and A New Adventure

Well it's Tuesday and we're just now getting around to showing up and blogging about the weekend. There's just something about me and Monday's that doesn't quite seem to work out. The next time the doctor asks if I'm allergic to anything I'll tell him "Yes", to the spring time and to Monday's. Oh and to anyone that doesn't like puppies. But let's get back to the weekend because that's the only reason we're here today.

It started off with some Chinese food from the best Chinese food place EVER which shockingly is in my hometown. New York City had nothing on my Dragon Village's chicken and broccoli. It's just that good. The two fortunes I got out of it were pretty darn good too. A nice little preview of what was to come.

Friday night, Trev (P.S. that guy I talked about liking so much in that apple picking post has a name and it's Trevor) and I went to a little restaurant on Main Street called Hazelnut Kitchen for dinner. It's an adorably cozy place that focuses on bringing the farm straight to the table. There are tons of fresh options to choose from and the atmosphere is casual with an elegant twist. 

The food was great, the wine was too, and the little baby punk on the table obviously sealed the deal for me. After dinner we headed back home to have a deck fire with my parents before calling it a night. And that's yet another thing I love about being back here. There wasn't ever a time that I could walk outside to my deck, light up a bonfire, and hang out talking under the stars. Hometown goodness and a "romantic evening" from my fortune: check.

Saturday was spent taking a ride to Corning to pick up Trev's bib for his marathon the next day. Saturday was also spent downing a few more Pumkings with a friend at the bar later on in the day. But not too much other than that since we were both up bright and early (him way freaking early) for the marathon on Sunday. 

I had never been to a marathon before this past weekend so I didn't really know what to expect out of it. Yeah, I've been to the finish line for the NYC one and I've seen all the runners since the route went right past my old apartment, but I've never stood at the end to cheer on a specific person. But that's exactly what I did Sunday morning and I absolutely loved it. So that "new adventure" from my other fortune: check.

He ran his first marathon ever last year with very little training after a night at the casino and got a 3:53. This year he was hoping deep down to get under 3:05 in order to qualify for the Boston marathon, but didn't think he could pull it off, so his goal was a 3:35. P.S. all you marathon runners out there are freaking NUTS. How does one run for three whole hours?! 

Anyway, the clock hit the three hour mark and his parents and I were secretly all freaking out wondering if he was going to do it or not. 3:01 went by, 3:02 obviously after that. And then, at 3:03, we saw him coming down the line and my heart pretty much leaped straight out of my chest as I cheered my gosh darn lungs out knowing that he qualified. I was totally that girlfriend on the sideline screaming "Go baby!" with tears starting to form in my eyes. I was just so stinkin' proud of him for kicking ass. And it's seriously such an amazing moment being there watching someone you care about accomplish something so awesome. 

They always say, "when someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love" and now I finally get that.

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