A Bumpdate

It's a funny thing when you're not pregnant thinking about all the things you'll do when you are pregnant.

I thought for sure I'd do a bumpdate every week with a decorated chalkboard and picture of my growing belly. Yet here we are, almost done with my second trimester, and I've barely shared a single one. It's not that I'm intentionally trying to hide. I just have absolutely no desire to "show it off" or document it every week. I take the occasional mirror selfie every now and then to keep a little record for myself, but nothing weekly, and definitely nothing blog worthy. 

The one above is from almost two weeks ago, actually, and I haven't taken one since. See? Anyway... let's get to the update part of this bumpdate.

FEELING: Everyone I come in contact with asks how I'm feeling and I'm like "I'm great, you?" and then I have to backtrack and be like "Oh wait, you mean because I'm pregnant, that's right." But I honestly don't feel any different than I did before. I'm just fatter and more sober. Ask me how many times I've said that to people as a response to their questioning, I dare ya.

GAINING: Speaking of being fatter... I've gained 16 pounds by the 26 week mark. Which puts me on the hopeful track of gaining a total of 30 if I gain the average pound a week from here on out. Still the weirdest part of pregnancy to me. I swear half of it went straight to my boobs.

HATING: And the only thing I despise about being pregnant so far? The stretch marks on those very boobs from them blowing up so quickly. I swear it happened over night. I don't have any stretch marks on my tummy, just all upstairs. Where's the fun in getting bigger boobs if you can't even show them off because of the tiger claw marks coming out of your cleavage? Womp.

LOVING: Finally feeling her move and seeing it from the outside! I have an anterior placenta so it took me longer than the average person to be able feel her. It's the craziest most awesome thing. Ever.

EATING: Every gummy candy in sight. I finished my 1.9 pound bag of Swedish Fish this week. Trev brought COCKTAIL flavored jelly bellies home for me the other day. God bless him. Also still chugging lemonade, and I love ginger ale and root beer. I've recently discovered that I can't stand cooked broccoli. I inhale cherries, strawberries, peaches, and watermelon. And the ice cream train is still steam rolling straight on through any healthy diet I could ever come up with for myself.

EXCITED ABOUT: One of my baby showers happening this coming Sunday. So excited to see all my friends and family and celebrate this little lady. Definitely not looking forward to opening presents in front of everyone, though. I'm still trying to figure out how to get out of that awkward fest. Oh and I'm so stinking glad that I started my Babylist registry early on because it has made it a breeze for me to organize everything I need and want to receive for baby. If you are pregnant you NEED to use that site for your registry.

WORKING ON: Her name. I've posted about this on Instagram, but to make a long story short, we were 95% sure on a name, then two of our parents hated it, and then we weren't so sure on the name anymore. Now we have another that we like but MAN is it stressful trying to decide. This is hands down been thee hardest part so far. But I guess that's just what happens when your criteria consists of about fifty different things. Like, nothing in the Top 100 or 200 really, something feminine to go with the masculine last name, something pretty and calming, something that's unique but not made up, yet still familiar enough for the majority of the world to have heard of, and something with cute nickname potential. Needle meet haystack. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them for me!

And that does it on the update front for now, my friends.

The ABC Game

I've seen this floating around Facebook for the past week or so and figured it would be something fun to do for a blog post since I'm seriously lacking in blog post material these days. Plus I've met quite a few new faces lately and it's always good to do a little "About Me" update once in a while. This way you can actually know a few things about the girl blabbing on to you about the randomness of her life.

A- Age: 26 but we're rapidly approaching 27. Less than three weeks away. I can't believe this was almost an entire year ago! Too bad I won't be doing that (or looking like that) this year...

B- Biggest fear: my mom dying, being trapped under water, and lately, having postpartum depression after little miss is born.

C- Current time: 9:00am aka nanny babe's nap time aka I'm bored writing this.

D- Drink you last had: half hot chocolate/half cappuccino from the gas station machine. 

E- Every day starts with: Pudge waking me up to pee and take his cone off so he can eat breakfast.

F- Favorite song: currently, "It All Started With a Beer" by Frankie Ballard. I love every lyric to this.

G- Ghosts, are they real?: who knows. Casper definitely is.

H- Hometown: Trumansburg, NY - a little town just north of Ithaca.

I- In love with: Trevor Davis, Pudgie Doo, the little lady squirming around in my belly, and the fact that it's been cold enough to not sweat in my yoga pants the past few days.

J- Jealous of: every human on this planet who can drink margaritas right now. I did have a virgin strawberry daiquiri a couple weekends ago though and it was just as good as the regular version!

K- Killed someone?: do people actually reply "yes" to this in a Facebook post?

L- Last time you cried?: last weekend when Trev and I left to go out to dinner and we said bye to Pudge at the door. I haven't been a hormonal crying pregnant chick at all so far, except for that one time apparently. It breaks my heart to leave him home!

M- Middle name: Elizabeth

N- Number of siblings: one little Broski who needs to live closer so that I can see my niece. I miss this little nugget too much!

O- One wish: that airplanes let you fly on them for free.

P- Person you last called: the Chinese takeout place?

Q- Question you're always asked: lately it's been "How are you feeling?" while they look at my bump. To which I always reply "Exactly the same, just sober and fatter."

R- Reason to smile: being able to reply to people with that response. I'm so grateful that I've felt great so far and have had energy to get things done. The very last thing we need to do before baby is fix up the yard and patio, which we started yesterday, hooray!

S- Song last sang: "I need one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand." God damn you, Drake.

T- Time you woke up: 6:00am to let Pudge out, then again for good at 7:00.

U- Underwear color: currently none. Does everyone wear underwear when they wear yoga pants? Because I don't...

V- Vacation destination: I'd really like to go on a babymoon. I mentioned this to Trevor who had absolutely no idea what a babymoon was haha. But Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, San Fran, Austin, New Orleans, and Vegas are all on my list of U.S. cities to visit.

W- Worst habit: eating crap foods and taking those god awful Facebook quizzes. You know, the ones where it's like "Find out what your future child will look like!" Yeah those... I mean I don't ever post my results but I still take them.

X- X-Ray's you've had: teeth, wrist, ankle, and my bladder when I was like four because I kept getting UTI's. The doctors gave me drugs to make me pee and told me I had to go while laying on the X-ray table so they could take pictures of me while I was doing so. Most bizarre and terrifying thing of my life.

Y- Your favorite food: Chipotle, duh. Which I will be getting tonight, thank you.

Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer the crab. "The emotional, caring, unpredictable, nurturer. The sign of motherhood. The hardest sign to understand and get to know. The one that doesn't have great ambitions, because they are happy and content to have a loving family and harmonious home. The closed off shell of an outward appearance, yet a deep and sensitive being within." That's me alright.

Out-of-Wedlock Babies

Babies born out-of-wedlock. I've thought about these little beings quiteee a bit since becoming pregnant with my own. And for a whole variety of different reasons.

1) I never thought I'd have one myself. Marriage is important to me. Not for religious reasons, of course, but just for the sake of having a recognized/legal/legitimate/whatever you want to call it family unit. Family is the single most important thing to me. Besides my 1.9 pound bag of Swedish Fish, but who's counting. It was always my plan to meet the guy, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have a baby. It was never my plan to get knocked up. Then again it was also never my plan to watch eight straight hours of Dance Moms or get Chipotle twice in a day but I've done both of those things too, so whatever, right?

2) They really are the "new normal". I read somewhere the other day that half of all babies born in the U.S. are born out-of-wedlock. That shocked me. And two thirds of women will have a baby, while not married, by the time they're 30. Insane! That's why I find it funny that society is still so shocked by the fact that people have babies before they're married. There's still such a stigma about it. Which leads me to my next point...

3) They aren't all unplanned. I know people that want kids but don't necessarily want a wedding or a marriage license. I know people that could care less which comes first. Then again I also know a whole slew of "uh oh" babies who came before a marriage that would have happened first had their not been an unexpected surprise. And I also know quite a few girls who have called their babies a surprise, yet never once used birth control, in which case they aren't really surprises. But that leads me to this...

4) You'll be judged for that baby no matter which category you fall under. I'll have someone from bumblefuck USA thinking I'm an incompetent moron who can't get ahold of taking a measly birth control pill every day even if I had never missed a single one since starting them ten years ago. I'd be asked twice a day for a week after announcing the pregnancy if I'm getting married before it arrives even if I never for a second wanted to get married or ever planned to in the first place. I mean I would personally rather crawl into a manhole and live there for a week before I squished myself into a dress or planned a wedding before this child comes out of me, but hey, there are psychos out there that'll think I secretly planned this baby myself in order to do just that. It's an amazing thing when you stop caring about what people think of you, that's all I can say about that.

5) There's some sort of notion that the dad's get no say in an unplanned baby's life. I could write an entire post on this topic because it makes my blood boil but I won't because stress is the devil, they say. But I've read baby forums online where people will say things like "It's your body, not his, it's not his choice." or "If he doesn't man up and take responsibility then he isn't a man." All to which I say "What in the shit are you smoking?!" Of course it's not his body but it IS just as much his baby and he has just as much of a say as I do in any decisions that are made about it. The dad shouldn't automatically get roped into a child's life if he never wanted the child in the first place. He obviously doesn't get to tell the mother what to decide to do with her body but he should get to decide whether or not he wants to stick around and/or support the kid inside of her. Babies aren't traps. I read an article recently that mentioned a possible law going into place that would let fathers decide whether or not they wanted legal rights upon finding out about a pregnancy. Just like mothers can decide whether or not they want an abortion, fathers can decide whether they want to get out completely (no parental rights, no child support, etc) or instead, be the dad and have all the legal responsibilities that come with it. And there will always be those that say crap like "Well if you have sex then you better know the consequences" to which I reply "Welcome to 2016 where we have songs on the radio with lyrics like "Snapchat me your hooha", so let's get real here".

Holy crap, end rant. I'll stop the craziness and leave with this...

6) Babies born out-of-wedlock are just as loved as those born into a marriage. Amen, THE END.

Ziplock Flowers

Fun fact: Trevor and I have been dating for a year and nine months and he has never once given me flowers. Not way in the beginning when he openly admitted to trying to impress me, not for our first Valentine's Day, or our second, not for my birthday, or for Mother's Day now that there's a little baby swimming around inside of me (and don't forget our real baby, Pudge), just never.

He even told me at one point way back in the beginning of us dating that he's never given any girl flowers. Now I'm not sure if that's actually true or if he was just trying to make me feel better after not giving me any on Valentine's Day, haha, but that was that and I honestly never expected any ever again.

And it's definitely not like I ever asked for them or need them to feel validated. There have been plenty of other awesome gifts and simple love gestures and I'm just as happy.

I'm also definitely one of those girls that would probably rather have Chinese food and gummy worms delivered to me before a $40 bouquet of flowers that will die in four days ever showed up at my door. So I was 100% fine with knowing that I may never get flowers from him. Not a big deal.

But then he walked in the door last night after leaving golf league and handed me these little beauts.

One little bunch of flowers wrapped up in wet paper towel and housed in a ziplock bag.

He said they were sitting out in vases on all the tables in the club house and they made him think of me, so he asked the manager if he could take just one little bunch home, and that's exactly what he did. 

Then I died and realized I'd rather have a hundred little bunches wrapped up in ziplock bags, given to me for no reason at all, than receive any giant, expensive bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day. And I also wouldn't trade my first flowers for any others. Because me sitting at home on the couch with Pudge, watching Bachelorette in frumpy yoga pants, feeling like a whale and looking like a hot mess with no makeup on, was the best Erin that could have possibly accepted the cutest little packaged up baggy of unexpected little flowers.

Because it's the little things at the most random times that make all the difference in the world. Oh how I love that man.

And that's it for my hormonal sapfest. Happy Humpday, y'all!

Blog Design Launch: The Barbee Housewife

"I want something completely different than I have now. I like classic, with a little trendy added in. Black, white, gold, pink, and florals."

Those were the words I got back from my client, Caroline, after I had asked her what she was looking for in a new blog design. I even received a couple "I have no idea :)" responses to a couple of the questions regarding fonts and inspiration graphics. So she pretty much gave me free reign to design something I liked because she said she really just loves my aesthetic and then would tweak anything to her liking once I was finished.

Music to a blog designer's ears!

She did finally end up caving and sent me a pin from Pinterest of a bridal shower invitation that she liked the overall look of. The kraft paper, the fonts, the florals - all amazing. So this single image was what I based her entire site design off of.

And from there it was off to the races and I whipped up one of my most favorite blog designs to date. Another one of those "Should I really send this over to the client, or should I just keep it for my own re-design?" moments.

So go check everything out and make sure you stop by Caroline's blog, The Barbee Housewife, to read up on all of her awesome recipes!


Feel free to pin any of these images to Pinterest to save for future blog design inspiration! And if you're looking for a blog revamp of your own, I'd looove to help you :) Check out my portfolio, shoot me an email, and let's get started!