Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Give Me All The Things

1. Hat - Now that I'm back living in Upstate New York, I'm a little nervous for the impending winter months coming my way. Any winter is bad when you live in this state, but Upstate snow is a whole heck of a lot worse than New York City snow. So that means it's time for me to bundle up like a bug in a rug and this Nordic faux fur ear-flapped hat from Fjall Raven would be absolutely perfect for the job. I mean how cute right?! Plus, they also have a whole bunch of high quality, durable, and really warm winter jackets that I might just have to hit the purchase button on as well. Because, let's face it, my H&M peacoat just isn't going to cut it.

2. Pumpkins - This damn Threshold white and gold fall decor collection from Target. It's just not fair, guys. I mean, how can they even do this to me? I want every single darn thing and I think they might've made it specifically for my soul. I think my middle name should actually just be Threshold at this point. That is until we're back to the holiday season and then it needs to be "Holiday" again. Buy anyway, I've seriously been in Target five times since the collection came out and I've forced myself to not walk by it each time just because I know I'd buy the entire damn aisle. Oy vey, somebody stick me in a straight jacket.

3. Wooden Box - Ever since I found out H&M had a home collection I fell in love. And hard. Everything is so rustic and worn looking, yet still totally adorable and I just seem to really enjoy it. Plus we all know how much I love my storage containers for clutter, so this box is pretty much perfect.

4. Checked Throw - Grey and white and cozy and nice. That just about sums up my style, so obviously I need this throw. This style of large checks also reminds me of something that should be sitting on a comfy big red couch in a winter cabin during Christmastime with two mugs of hot chocolate waiting patiently for a snuggle sesh to ensue. And we all know know much of my heart is filled with all things snuggly and Christmastime, so duh, it's on the damn list people. P.S. 51 more days until I can officially start decorating and watching The Grinch. Bring it on!

5. Plaid Flannel - Here we go again with the grey and white thing again. I guess we know I wasn't lying. But I love my flannels and the ones at Old Navy right now like this one are perfect (and cheap!) so you should totally go scoop up one or five like I did this past week.

6. Lantern - This guy is also part of that Target collection we're trying to force out of our heads even though it seems to just sneak right back in. I really want to stick this on the floor by a fireplace and fill it with all those white pumpkins from #2 up there. But guess who doesn't have a fireplace to do just that? This girl. So someone live out my dream and send me a picture gosh darn it.

7. Combat Boots - My friend Meghan came home a couple weeks ago wearing these and I fell in love with them on her. The only problem is that I'm not a "combat boot kind of girl" so I'm also not really sure how I'd go about wearing them. Skinnies and leggings I guess? Who knows. Obviously my time spent getting a fashion degree didn't really pan out too well. But if anyone else is looking for a really cute pair, they're from Kohl's and they're on sale right now! 

P.S. I'm going to start offering some new prints in my Etsy shop soon! So all of the current ones need to get a move on straight out of there. And that means all prints are buy one get one free for a limited time only! Just use code "MOVINGONOUT" when you add two prints to your cart and you'll get the second one free.


P.P.S. Today I have a beauty to share with you. Her name is Kiersten and she blogs over at She is Fierce. She's not your typical lifestyle blogger. Instead of OOTD's and random daily life posts, she focuses more on the serious stuff that we should all honestly be reading more of. Take it away girl.

My name is Kiersten. I'm a 20-something recent graduate, finding my way around working in the city. I love cats, photography and writing, arguing, and Netflix, and you'll find plenty of all of that stuff on She is Fierce. She is Fierce is a lifestyle blog about the things that matter to me.  Whether it's feminism, creative writing, inspiration, creativity, or blogging, you'll find all kinds of interesting articles and essays on my space.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Romantic Evening and A New Adventure

Well it's Tuesday and we're just now getting around to showing up and blogging about the weekend. There's just something about me and Monday's that doesn't quite seem to work out. The next time the doctor asks if I'm allergic to anything I'll tell him "Yes", to the spring time and to Monday's. Oh and to anyone that doesn't like puppies. But let's get back to the weekend because that's the only reason we're here today.

It started off with some Chinese food from the best Chinese food place EVER which shockingly is in my hometown. New York City had nothing on my Dragon Village's chicken and broccoli. It's just that good. The two fortunes I got out of it were pretty darn good too. A nice little preview of what was to come.

Friday night, Trev (P.S. that guy I talked about liking so much in that apple picking post has a name and it's Trevor) and I went to a little restaurant on Main Street called Hazelnut Kitchen for dinner. It's an adorably cozy place that focuses on bringing the farm straight to the table. There are tons of fresh options to choose from and the atmosphere is casual with an elegant twist. 

The food was great, the wine was too, and the little baby punk on the table obviously sealed the deal for me. After dinner we headed back home to have a deck fire with my parents before calling it a night. And that's yet another thing I love about being back here. There wasn't ever a time that I could walk outside to my deck, light up a bonfire, and hang out talking under the stars. Hometown goodness and a "romantic evening" from my fortune: check.

Saturday was spent taking a ride to Corning to pick up Trev's bib for his marathon the next day. Saturday was also spent downing a few more Pumkings with a friend at the bar later on in the day. But not too much other than that since we were both up bright and early (him way freaking early) for the marathon on Sunday. 

I had never been to a marathon before this past weekend so I didn't really know what to expect out of it. Yeah, I've been to the finish line for the NYC one and I've seen all the runners since the route went right past my old apartment, but I've never stood at the end to cheer on a specific person. But that's exactly what I did Sunday morning and I absolutely loved it. So that "new adventure" from my other fortune: check.

He ran his first marathon ever last year with very little training after a night at the casino and got a 3:53. This year he was hoping deep down to get under 3:05 in order to qualify for the Boston marathon, but didn't think he could pull it off, so his goal was a 3:35. P.S. all you marathon runners out there are freaking NUTS. How does one run for three whole hours?! 

Anyway, the clock hit the three hour mark and his parents and I were secretly all freaking out wondering if he was going to do it or not. 3:01 went by, 3:02 obviously after that. And then, at 3:03, we saw him coming down the line and my heart pretty much leaped straight out of my chest as I cheered my gosh darn lungs out knowing that he qualified. I was totally that girlfriend on the sideline screaming "Go baby!" with tears starting to form in my eyes. I was just so stinkin' proud of him for kicking ass. And it's seriously such an amazing moment being there watching someone you care about accomplish something so awesome. 

They always say, "when someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love" and now I finally get that.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tips and Tricks For Tidying Up Your Space Quickly

I like to think of myself as a pretty organized and tidy person when it comes to my living spaces. Everything always has a home, whether it be the couch pillows or the scissors - each and every little detail has it's own place. If you walk into my bedroom, you'll see it spotless 95% of the time. It's just the way I've always been and hopefully always will be. 

Tons of friends have asked me over the years how I manage to keep everything this way without going insane. "How can your apartment always be this clean?" And the answer to that is.... it's not. Which is what brings me to the main point of this post. Your space doesn't necessarily have to be clean in order to look clean.

Vacuuming my living room rug? Happens about once a month. Mopping the kitchen floor? Probably less often than the vacuuming. Cleaning the shower? Let's not even go there or you'll probably never look at me the same ever again. The point here is that you don't have to deep clean your space every darn week to still maintain a functioning, organized, and tidy home. It isn't about the fingerprint-less area in the back of that one shelf in your TV stand that nobody sees. It's more about all that junk in that drawer being hidden and tucked away out of view. That's what people notice on first glance when walking into your place, not the wisp of a cobweb behind the couch.

So here are a few tips and tricks to help get your home/apartment/dorm/tent/whatever in order:

1/ First off, you need to remind yourself why exactly you need to be doing this cleaning nonsense in the first place. It's not always easy to motivate yourself to clean but if you keep telling yourself "Oh that friend of mine is coming over to down a bottle of wine with me tomorrow" you'll actually get shit done.

2/ Set up a cleaning playlist to get yourself moving and grooving. Yes, I did just say grooving. But seriously, anything and everything is more fun when music is involved. 

3/ Give yourself a time frame. Have thirty minutes before Scandal comes on? Race the clock and try to get all of your tasks done before you hear Olivia Pope's voice. The urgency and time limit will make it feel like less of a dragged out chore.

4/ Probably the most important of all: HIDE YOUR CLUTTER. Seriously, if there is one simple thing you should do at any point in time when organizing or cleaning your house, it's this one. Nothing pains me more than clutter. Nothing. Like not even pumpkin spice. That notepad and pen? That should be in a drawer. Those seven hair ties on your dresser? In a box of some sort. That straightener? Wrapped up and stored in a basket under the bathroom sink. Anddd we could go on for days here. But to sum it all up: anything that isn't a decoration or an overly used item needs a home. A home that isn't seen by the naked eye.

5/ Buy containers. Decorative boxes, bins with chalkboard signs, canisters, you name it. Buy things to stuff away all of the odds and ends and you'll have that clutter thing conquered. The boxes don't necessarily have to be organized themselves, cough because that would be deep cleaning, cough. And we hate that.

6/ Buy fun cleaning products. Fancy ones, ones that smell good, ones that are fun to spray, etc. Okay, this is a bit of a stretch but, hey, sometimes Swiffer wet-jetting around the kitchen to some Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" or whipping out your snazzy new iron that has more bells and whistles than your own car can be a pretty fun thing. 

7/ Stuff your TV and DVD and laptop and whatever other cords you may have away and out of plain site. Bundle them all together and tie them together with twist ties so they'll all be in one place and then push them all back under or behind your TV stand.

8/ Add smell good stuff. Your nose can be so easily tricked into thinking something's cleaner than it actually is just because it smells like it is. Clean linen is God's, I mean Glade's, gift to man.

9/ Have guests coming over quick and don't have time to do a whole sink full of dishes? Stuff them in your oven. Wait what? Did I really just say that? Yes, I did. It's a quick (and way guilty way) of getting rid of the mess without making it look like you went around the house feverishly searching for stray cups and piling them into a mountain in the sink. Stick them all on a baking sheet, slide them in there, and then you can pull them right back out when company leaves. Side note: don't do this if you plan on actually using said oven when you have said guests over...

10/ Finger vacuum. Say what? This is pretty much for an area rug only since that's all I have for carpet. But instead of lugging the vacuum out, just go around quickly and pick up any big stray pieces of random string or crumbs with your fingers. 

11/ Feed your guests alcohol as soon as they arrive so they don't give a flying eff what the heck your apartment looks like.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Fall

Sweater: ℅ Blue Avenue / Jeans: H&M / Flats: ℅ Shoemint

Over the weekend I took a little trip to my friend's barn at Silver Queen Farm to kick off the first official weekend of fall. Because what screams fall more than a barn way out in the country filled with freshly picked produce from the grounds out back? Probably nothing other than drinking a rimmed Southern Tier Pumking beer (which I have officially become utterly obsessed with this season) while walking through a haunted corn mazes with your boyfriend. But hey, let's not get too picky over here. Even though that's now on my never-ending list of things to do this season. Oy vey.

But anyway, I stopped by with my mom and sister-in-law to look at the venue for her and my broski's wedding (aka vow renewal ceremony since they already got married five days after their engagement). 

P.S. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that part here on my blog. But after the most adorable engagement ever that I post about, they ended up getting married a few days later before my brother left for South Korea for the Army for a whole year. Talk about a whirlwind of emotions right there. The wedding was a quick, simple, small thing at a friend's house though - nothing like a real bash with a cake and bridesmaids and dancing and all that. So they're going to do all of that fun stuff next August instead. 

And that means HELLO WEDDING PLANNING! I'm pumped. 

But now that we got that quick little announcement out of the way, we're back to the barn/farm trip. Which, by the way, will be where they're going to get married. Err, renewed. It's pretty much the cutest place ever and since we were already there, I decided to take a few pictures, because that's what bloggers do. Or something. And that's why you saw me sitting on hay bales up there in those shots. Because that's what country bumpkins do in Upstate New York? Maybe? Just go with it.

Regardless of the nonsense I'm trying to pull together on this Monday morning, that sweater I'm wearing in the pictures has easily become my most favorite article of clothing so far this season. 

It's from Blue Avenue, which is an online women's retailer owned by the sweetest lady ever named Jordon. I'm obsessed with their leopard print top, as well as this UHH-MAY-ZING plaid scarf blanket. Yes, I did just say scarf and blanket in the same sentence. But I went with the native sweater because I could fill 1,000 of my closet hangers with cardigan like sweaters and still never have quite enough. It's insanely comfortable and I've already gotten tons of compliments on it the couple times I've worn it. So you should probably own one yourself this fall.

And if you do choose to own one, you can use code "HAZEL" to get 15% off of your order whenever you checkout on their site. Go run their now and get this cozy blanket of a top. You won't regret it, I promise! 

Oh and P.S. If you were eyeing those flats at all, stay tuned, because you'll have a chance to win any pair of your choice from Shoemint later this week. I can feel the Christmas present spirit already creeping up on me. Look out world.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hard Caramel Apple Cider Cocktails

Over this past weekend I put my Heather Dubrow fancy pants on and concocted up a pretty tasty little treat with my sister Meghan. That treat came in the form of an alcoholic beverage because, hello, do you even know me? Obviously, since there's vodka in these pictures and the title of this post says "hard", you already knew this was all about alcohol… even without having to remember my drinking day ways.

It's pretty much the easiest cocktail in the face of history. So if you want to stop reading right now and assume that all you need to do is pour some caramel vodka into some cider and call it a day, then I'd totally get it. But here are the ingredients and directions anyway. 

-2oz of caramel vodka. Side note: We originally wanted to use the Salted Caramel Vodka by Pinnacle or Stoli, but our tiny town's liquor store didn't carry anything fancy like that so we resulted in this weird Polish kind instead. And of course continued to pronounce vodka with an accent all day long. It totally wasn't the actual vodka's fault for this, might I add, we're just insane. But I would go with the other brands if you're going to try this out on your own.
-5oz of apple cider, or less if you're trying to get hammered
-Cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg for the rim
-Ice ice baby
-Apples and caramels are completely unnecessary and meant for styling purposes only, because, blogging.

For the rim: and guys, you seriously need the rim
-Pour your cinnamon, sugar, and dash of nutmeg in a bowl to mix together. I didn't measure these and you probably shouldn't either because that's just too much work, duh. Just use more cinnamon than sugar and only a tiny baby dash of nutmeg and you'll be golden. Or brownish-white. Whatever.
-Pour all of that out, smooth it around on flat surface and then set it aside
-Pour some water into a dish
-Take your glass, flip it over, and dip just the tip (heyyyoooo) into the dish to wet the rim (heyyyooo x 2)
-Stop blushing
-Then take your glass and stick it into the pile of cinnamon sugar so that the granules stick to the top of.
-Put your glass aside for safe keeping so that your dogs don't lick it while you make the cocktail. Speaking for a friend here, as always.

For the cocktail:
-Get out your cocktail shaker (or cup with lid if you aren't a cocktail connoisseur) and put a few ice cubes in there.
-Pour in the 2oz of vodka
-Pour in the 5oz of cider
-Shake that shit
-Pour it into your freshly rimmed glass
-Get drunk

And there we have it, a great cocktail for fall that doesn't contain the word pumpkin or the word spice. I'd say that's the biggest accomplishment of my darn life right there.

P.S. All those pictures up there were taken with the new iPhone. Amazing right?! I figured I'd let you all in on that little secret in case you needed a little real life review before biting the bullet and forking over hard cash for the thing. Oh and since this was my first outing with the new baby, I figured a couple selfies were necessary to get that v-card out of the way as soon as possible. Because, narcissism.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 has absolutely zero new improvements on making yourself look any less awkward in said selfies. Oy vey.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Watched It Begin Again

Well I obviously went apple picking this weekend, as you can see by all those photos up there. And I obviously didn't go about doing it alone. You probably already knew that if you follow me on the gram of Insta's. So there's that. 

I figured I might as well go ahead and avoid that vague "I'm doing all these fun things and it's quite obvious I'm not doing them alone but I also don't really want to get into who I'm doing them with" kind of thing that I did the last time around. Because if all that was annoying for me, it must have been even more annoying for you. So here I am trying out the transparent route, and I must say that it feels rather refreshing.

Over the past couple years, this blog has gone from Scotch tape clear and open to Duct tape opaque and secretive. P.S. Why the fuck my brain go to these ridiculous comparisons that make no sense, I'll never know. Anyway, this is partly because I know more and more people from my real life are reading this thing and partly because of the hi haters that like to think they know (and judge) your entire life story even though they only know about 1/16th of a page of it. Both of those things seem to stunt both what I choose to share as well as how I choose to share it. And I'm honestly just plain sick of feeling that way. 

It's my blog. It's my life. I chose to share it openly for the world to see. So why in the heck should I not do just that? Because I'm a little nervous about what people may think? Hell no.

So here we are, after being home for less than two months, quite suddenly and even more unexpectedly, dating that tall dark and handsome, pretty damn close to my kind of perfect, so hott that I sometimes forget how to speak, sweeter than I could ever hope for, and insanely caring high school crush of a mister of a man up there in those pictures with me, going on cute fall dates, spending way too many hours together to not be considered nuts, and being the grossest PDA-infested couple around town. 

Phew, there, I said it. In the longest sentence humanly possibly. 

But I could not for the life of me be any more ecstatic, so I guess I might as well just keep this crazy love train runnin' a little longer and live it up. So let's cheers to happiness. And to guys that not only want to go apple picking with you, but actually just suggest it themselves. Oh and to gems that still think you're cute even when you look absolutely disgusted after eating rotten apples in that one picture up there. Thumbs up emoji's for days.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Oddly Lovely Giveaway

Hello, readers! My name is Cat – I’m a 25 year old social media marketer living in the East San Francisco Bay and lifestyle blogging at Oddly Lovely. When I signed up to take over Erin’s blog for the day, she told me you liked goodies, which is why I’m hooking you up with the chance to win a $50 credit to Modcloth (pretty much the coolest online fashion and home d├ęcor shop on the entire internet). Before you skip to the bottom of this post to get some entries, I’d love if you’d just hang out with me for two seconds so I can give you the elevator pitch about my blog. I’ll make it fast, promise.

Oddly Lovely is all about the little, simple joys in life. Easy-to-do recipes, thoughtfully curated outfits, beauty tips, and pet product reviews – basically I talk about whatever makes me happy, which sometimes includes less “cool” things like fantasy novels and camping (and always includes way too much about my dog).

Minor plug – Erin designed my blog, and I could not be happier! I highly recommend her services if you’re considering an updated look. (P.S. This is Erin and I totally paid her to stick this little bit in here) (P.P.S. I'm totally kidding but I just love Cat for how often she gives my little blog design business some loving!)

If you’re interested in checking out my blog, here are some posts I think you might dig:

Now on to the good stuff. Modcloth has the COOLEST clothing, accessories, and decor knick knacks. If you’re drawn towards vintage-inspired and indie styles, it’ll be everything you can do to not spend your entire paycheck here. Check out my recent blog post with some of my favorite items they have for sale, and then make sure you enter here for a chance to have a mini shopping spree.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Head vs. Heart

This is a blog post topic that's been swimming around in my mind for quite some time now. I was watching TV one day (shocker) and someone had asked someone else if they were the type of person that leads with their head or their heart. P.S. You're welcome for that insanely detailed explanation as to how this blog post came about. I should really start writing shit down at the time I'm thinking of it.

Anyway, that simple little question got me thinking about which way I tend to lean. Which way have  I gone in the past? Which way am I currently going about things right now? 

Do I think things through first, taking them slow so I that I can weigh out all the positives and negatives in my head and know I'm in a solid (and more importantly safe) place before I decide to let my heart catch up? Do I do the logical thing and listen to the signs and the clues and the black and white instead of letting myself get swept up into the emotional part of it all? Orrr do I push all that "real life rational" talk straight out the window and just dive right in with my heart strapped front and center onto my sleeve?

I think we've probably figured out by now that I do the latter.

But the weird thing about me is that I only usually choose heart when it comes to relationships. Anything else is all head. Analytical, thought out, reasonable, decision making. Why I have such a disconnect when it comes to dating, I'll never know. But it's definitely a pattern I've come to realize about myself over the years.

First off their was my first ever boyfriend. Remember the dickwad that was allergic to monogamy and cheated and lied and I stuck around for years being a bat shit crazy lunatic? Yeah that was obviously all heart since any head that had even an inch of brain matter could have known to run like a gazelle on Animal Planet straight on out of that lion's den. 

Then their was my hunkfest Tinder relationship when I blogged about my "Biggest Confession to Date". Which was just simply that I had a real life boyfriend. Because up until last August, I'd really only ever had one official guy (the dickwad) that was ever given that title from me. Obviously I dated (a lot) but no real Facebook official (ha!) boyfriends. What can I say, I'm a picky ass bitch. But anyway, that was obviously all heart too since we met him on Tinder after a night of way too many margaritas and were officially dating about a month later, even though I saw a red flag from the very first week. But the mushy gushy heart took hold so I pushed the black right on out and tried to hold on to the white. Obviously that couldn't last forever though, so neither did we.

And that, as we all know, takes us to right on over to Charlotte shortly after all of that ended. I never really got into that relationship on my blog too much, though. Partly because I knew how much it sucked to parade a romance across a screen for a couple months just to have to write a break up post about it shortly after. But also partly because in the way way way back of my head, I wasn't sure it would ever last anyway. 

Cough, there's your sign Erin, cough. 

But regardless, the thing with Charlotte that no one ever knew was that we had dated before. He lived in the city before moving to Charlotte right around the same time I started flying there. So we actually had a really long history of off and on dating beforehand. It wasn't some break up with one and find a new one a day later type of love story. It was more of a "we've tried this a few times before but never took it seriously and I think we might actually just love each other so let's give this one a real life shot" kind of thing. And there went my heart sprinting off into lala land hoping to hell that it would actually work that last time. We know now that it didn't and we know now that it shattered my heart into little tiny pieces. But I should have known that before it ever started. And I probably did know that, but guess who the dingbat was over here that turns her head off whenever she starts dating someone. Oh hey, that'd be me.

And that brings us to now. Where I, yet again, am asking myself what the hell is wrong with me for letting my heart wander along on its merry way doing whatever it wants without thinking logically through any of it.

But the thing here is that even though I've gotten my heart broken and even though I've broken a couple others by doing things the heart way, I would still never choose to do it the head way. Yeah, if I leaned more towards what my brain was telling me instead of what my heart wanted, I might not have dated the one that made me psycho, or the one with the red flag, or gotten myself into a relationship that I knew could shatter me, but I'd still do it all over again in a heartbeat. And from here on out I'll probably still be doing it the same way.

I don't really care that I just wrote a break up post a month and a half ago. I don't really care that it might be a little nuts to already be pasting that crazy heart of mine right back onto my sleeve again.

Because the only way I know that I'll never regret something is if I pursue it with everything I've got. If I let my head cloud my emotions and hold me back, then am I really giving it everything I've got? Am I really actually even being me? I don't want to be cautious. I'm cautious in every single other decision I make in life. But in love, I want to be reckless. And one day, being reckless by throwing my heart straight into the fire and hoping for the best might just actually turn out to be perfect.

But what do you do? Do you lead with your head or your heart?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pinsday Wednesday

One: This dot rug from Urban Outfitters that's currently sold out because, hello, why wouldn't it be when it's that stinkin' cute? I'm still sitting around with plain white curtains that are just waiting for me to get my own DIY black splotching on because I love this print so much. Two: These roses climbing up behind the cutest little white cottage fence because they remind me of Lisa Vanderpump and I really need her to get her classy ass back on my TV, and stat. Like, what am I supposed to do with only one Real Housewives season on? Three: A stack of cat-eyed sunnies just to remind myself that I look like an absolute idiot in them in real life and am left to solely being allowed to pin them instead. Four: Umm, because would this be an "Erin's Current Faves" list if there wasn't a puppy included in the mix? Absolutely not. Five: "The best things happen unexpectedly." Yes, just yes. They most certainly do. Six: Fall means vests and I cannot wait to start wearing mine. I have a couple stocked and ready to go in my closet but I'm loving this one from JCrew right now. Seven: This is a wall in an office that I found while perusing Pinterest and I needed it, uhh, yesterday. I also needed an office. And my own apartment, but hey, let's ignore that part for the current moment shall we? Eight: I'm quite certain that I'll never put flowers in a vase ever again just because I love them displayed in anything but clear glass. It's totally acceptable to put a vase inside of a bag or something right…? Nine: Because one polka dot picture wasn't enough… here's some polka dot bedding that I currently have sitting in my virtual shopping cart.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

It's the Happiest Season of All

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® Tyson and Wet-Nap®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #wingsandwipes

Anddd it's back, ladies and gents. Football season is officially upon us and I couldn't be any more excited about it. Just add a little black lab puppy stuffed into a Christmas stocking into the mix and we'd be set for the rest of life over here. P.S. I'd like this one below if anyone out there is reading this and has any ideas about giving me said black lab puppy stuffed into a Christmas stocking any time soon. Hashtag just sayin'.

But seriously, do you not just die?!

Anyway, let's get back to the task at hand. Football season. I posted something obnoxious last Thursday on Facebook that went a little something like this: "If the NFL kicking off today feels like Christmas, then what is Monday's Giants gameday going to feel like? My damn wedding day?

Yeah, I'm seriously so cool guys. 

But it's true, that's how I actually feel right now. I'm pretty much the definition of pumped sitting here in my seat. 7:10pm EST can't come soon enough, my friends. But before we could arrive at the beauty that will be Monday Night Football later on this evening, (P.S. do we have someone better singing the song for this instead of that no name from last year?!) we had to get through the first Sunday of the season. And oh what a Sunday it was.

The biggest difference about living in Upstate New York as opposed to down in the city for football is the differing team preferences. In the city it's pretty much split between the Giants/Jets and then every other team in the damn league since Manhattan is basically just a melting pot of everyone from all over the country. There's a bar to back every team down to the darn Texans, I swear. Sorry to any of you Houston fans out there, but y'all kinda sucked last year. It doesn't get much better up here, though, because the fans skew pretty hard towards the Bills. 

Let's take a moment to laugh for a second like that one emoji that giggles so hard it cries.

Okay, glad that's over with. 

Regardless of how crazy these fans are over a team that has pretty much blown donkey dung for the past umpteen years, they really are just as passionate as the rest of us. If not more. Bless their blue and red beating hearts. But since the Giants aren't playing until tonight, I decided to team up with these crazies and do a little Bills backing yesterday. And that backing included a trip to the bar for the game and then a Buffalo Bills Wing eating contest to follow once we got home.

I grabbed my Any'Tizer Hot and BBQ wings from Wal-Mart, popped them in the oven and the games were on. The only problem was that I pretty much sucked Dyson style at the eating really fast part of the game, so I left it to the professionals and just stuffed my face with all the goodness (and beer) instead. Plus my handy dandy Wet-Nap wipes came in for clean-up duty at the two minute warning to get rid of the sticky faces when we were all done with our competition, making our game day super simple. P.S. if you head to Wal-Mart right now you'll get 55 cents off your Wet-Nap products (while supplies last) with this coupon. Use it, don't abuse it.

And that's pretty much how my first weekend of the NFL season went down. One conquered, sixteen (and hopefully a few more) to go. Let's see if we can top them, and let's also see if we can get those Gmen to the big game again, shall we? 
But tell me, who's your team? How'd you do this week? Please be advised that this question is only open to non-NFC East fans. I don't want to hear about you Eagles fans coming back in the second half yesterday. All you Cowboys can suck a chestnut. And I don't think we even need to mention the Redskins...
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