Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Canvas Tote

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #StaplesBTS http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

If you know a single ounce of my personality, you'll know that I'm an organization freak. The annoying customer that stands at the register thirty seconds after she's done being rung up because she must have her dollar bills face the right way and be in the right order. Yup, that'd be me. The weirdo at the dinner table that likes to separate her meat from her mashed potatoes from her veggies, not because she's picky and doesn't want them to touch, but just because everything needs its own pile. That'd also be me. I could go on for days here…

But I'll save you the nonsense and just cut right to the chase. My Etsy shop business is just a tad bit unorganized when it comes to shipping out orders. There, I said it. Prints are strewn across the table, mailers are everywhere but up my nose, and addresses fill in the rest of the space creatin chaotic clutter. And then once I have everything sorted out, there's also the task of getting all of them to the Post Office so they can actually make their merry way to customers. 

Enter the need for a tote to help me transport things and keep organized.

But if you know another ounce of my personality, you'll know that I like creative DIY projects just about as much as I like puppies. So that's exactly what I did in creating that badass little tote you see up there. 

It started out as your regular plain old canvas tote for about four bucks at Hobby Lobby. Then I went to town taping things here and there. First to create the line at the bottom for the gold, then again into triangles for the pattern, and then around the whole thing so I could make the handles black. I used gold acrylic paint for the bottom, a black Sharpie to fill in the triangles, and then just some spray paint for the handles. Piece of cake and way better than the original!

So if you're feeling crafty and find yourself in need of a new tote, try this little project out. The possibilities are endless! Plus, if you go to Staples like I did to get your materials, you'll get any Sharpie Fine Point, Ultra Fine Point, or Neon marker pack on sale, while supplies last, until August 24th. How's that for the cheapest personalized bag you ever did see?

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Fearless I Am Not

Have you checked out Whitney's newest IWYP by Whitney Ellen tee? If you haven't you're really missing out because it's probably one of my favorites yet. I'm not really one to wear t-shirts that have anything to do with blogging, hell I still get all freaked out when I find out someone I know in real life has read my blog, so whenever Whitsticle designs one that's not related to blogging I jump on it. Or she just shoves it in my face because I was in her apartment when the order arrived and we screamed in excitement about how badass it is. Whichever works. 

"Fear less to be fearless" is this month's motto and I could sure use it because I'm afraid of quite a few things in life. So I figured I post them today, because whenever I write things down into a list I feel like it's much easier to tackle inside my actual head. So here we go, the things I'm most afraid of.

1) Getting trapped under water - we can thank me sitting on my mother's lap in the movie theater for the entire three and a half hours of Titanic bawling my eyes out for that psychotic fear.

2) Paper cuts on eyeballs

3) Paper cuts in general

4) Bugs crawling into my ear - I know a man who had a moth crawl all the way into his eardrum and then get stuck for a couple days before surgery could remove it. Now I tear up and shiver just thinking about it.

5) Receiving a phone call that someone close to me has died

6) Never finding a job that will satisfy both my dreams and my bank account

7) Being tortured

8) Being forced to watch my loved ones be tortured

9) Complete darkness when sleeping - I basically should just move into a Motel 6 at this point because they'll leave the light on for me.

10) Not being able to get pregnant

11) Never getting the opportunity to find out why the hell we're on this planet since I don't really believe that anyone really walks through the pearly white gates of heaven

12) Samara from The Ring

13) Never being loved by someone as much as I love them or vice versa. But seriously, do fairy tales even exist?

14) The world being demolished by a contagion epidemic

15) Witnessing someone jump in front of a subway train to commit suicide

16) Suicide in general - I'm not so much fearful of this one but rather just completely disturbed by it. This as well as executions.

17) My brother getting hurt while serving our country

18) Pixar suddenly going bankrupt and never releasing another movie

What are you afraid of? Let me know in my comments and then make sure you go order your own "Fear Less" shirt  here so you can have a reminder too.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Awkward Turtle

Sometimes I try to be a fashion blogger when boutiques send me clothing to be a fashion blogger with. Every single time this happens, shit hits the fan. I don't understand how any of you do this so many times a week. I turn into THEE most awkward turtle there ever was to grace this planet and end up doing weird things with my hands. Like where do you even put them? Your hands that is. 

And how does one learn how to not smirk like a six year old? Because that's what I did in every single picture that my mother took of me yesterday. And that's why there isn't a single picture of my actual head in this blog post.

Plus the lighting - there is none. Do you plan outfit posts by your weather channel app? And the location - this is my deck after a nice downpour. Do you get in your car and scope out cool places that actually match your outfit? Good lord, I think I should just give up on this here and now. If anyone has tips for this game, I'd greatly appreciate it. Maybe next time I should just do this after twofer Tuesday instead of dead sober in the dawn of the morning? There, problem solved.

But P.S. this lace kimono cardigan thing is so fun to play with. My brother even complimented me on it! So go get yours today and use TWOTHIRDS15 for 15% off your order. Oh and be sure to enter this giveaway to win a gift card to In Bloom Boutique while you're at it..

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

She Said Yes!

If you follow me on the Insta, you probably saw an engagement go down over the weekend. Obviously this engagement not being my own, since you know, that probably won't be happening until 2030 at this rate. But, for my little broski, it happened on August 9th. Here's how it all went down.

So for starters, he's in the Army. He just finished basic training and AIT last Friday and was on his way home for the week before he heads to South Korea for an entire year. His girlfriend, Brittany, lives here in my house with my parentals. He was flying in really late last Friday night, but instead of showing up at midnight, he told Brit that he wasn't getting in until 6:00pm on Saturday. Lies are fun when they turn into surprises. 

He hid out at his friend's house Friday night while the family and I planned out Saturday morning. The "plan" (at least to Brittany) was that my parents and I, Brit, and my parents' friends were all going out to lunch to celebrate my parent's anniversary on Saturday. But we wanted to make a quick stop at Taughannock Falls first to take a picture of my rents because it was their anniversary and they had gotten engaged at that very spot. Aka the same spot my brother would actually end up proposing to his girlfriend. Cue the cuteness. 

Meanwhile, we were never actually going out to lunch. We were only using that as an excuse to have a reason to stop at the falls on the way so that we could get her to the place where Chris (my little broski) was going to surprise her and propose. So we arrive at the place where all the magic was going to happen and quickly texted Chris that we were there so that he could show up. 

As soon as I saw him in his uniform getting out of the car my legs turned into straight jello. I'm still shocked that I could even hold myself up at this point because my heart was also moving at the speed of a freight train. I have absolutely no idea how I'll manage when I'm the one actually getting proposed to. Holy Hotlanta.

We were all down at the bottom of the stairs while he was making his way down. My dad had turned Brittany away from the stairs and towards the falls so that she couldn't see him coming. Miraculously, she decided that she wanted to take a few selfies. The one below ended up having my brother right smack dab in the middle of her and my dad. 

Except for she hadn't even realized it, so my dad was like "hey pull that picture back up there, who is that between us?". And then all hell break loose. She said something along the lines of "Are you fucking kidding me?!" and everyone immediately started crying as they hugged and reunited and were so excited to finally be together again. 

Surprise #1: success. Little did she know that she was about to receive another one. Because my brother wasn't the only one making his way down the stairs. He had also brought their dog, Dutch, along for the adventure too. And while they were reuniting, we slipped a bandanna around his neck that had a diamond ring tied to it that read...

And that was her reaction to seeing it on him. Dutchy boy for the win! 

Then Chris got down on one knee, told her the story about how my parents got engaged in the same exact spot 20 something years earlier, said he asked her dad for permission, had both of her parents there for the actual proposal, used her FULL name (you go bro), and asked her to be his wife.

And they all lived happily ever after.

I couldn't be any prouder of my brother for getting his life together, fighting for our country, and now for giving me a real life sister. It truly makes me so happy to get to call him my little broski and I can't wait to start planning a wedding while he's away. I love you soldier!

After all the shaking, tears, excitement and pictures were over, we all headed back to my house to cook out and celebrate. A bunch of friends and family came over, we drank way too many beers, and then played the most epic game ever created: SLIP CUP! 

There are two teams that have to race each other in a game of flip cup. Except for you don't just all stand around the flip cup table like the basic bitches do it, instead, you have to face the slip and slide in order to get there. So two opposite team members race each other down the slide, then drink and flip their cup, and as soon as you get your cup over the next teammate goes. It's pretty much the best time I've had in quite a while so I highly suggest making your own this weekend. Here's the video:

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Homemade Snickers Ice Cream

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

It's Monday. Mondays suck. So here's a heavenly freaking recipe to help ease you back into your week. Except for it does the opposite for trying to get your ass into a pair of jeans, so proceed with caution because there is absolutely no easing there. 

I think this might just be my own subtle way of trying to give myself hints to get my ass to the gym? But anyway, I've been wanting to make some homemade ice cream for quite a while now. Minus I didn't want to shake things around for two hours with rock salt. And I also didn't want to have to use a machine to make it sense, well, I don't own a machine to make it. 

So what exactly is a girl to do? 

She consults Pinterest, of course, and searches for ways to make homemade ice cream without an ice cream machine. Ten minutes later I was on my way to the store to buy the two ingredients (seriously that's basically all you need) to get this ice cream party started. 

What you're going to need to make the heaven:
2 cups of heavy whipping cream
1 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1/2 cup of crushed peanuts
A couple squirts of caramel sauce
As many pieces of chopped up Snickers as your little heart desires

How to actually make the heaven:
Pour the whipping cream into your stand mixer bowl.
Whip things into shape for about five minutes until you develop some stiff peaks.
Pour the condensed milk, vanilla, and toppings into a separate bowl.
Fold the whipped cream into that mixture until everything is all uniformly spread around.
Put the concoction in a tupperware container.
Put the container in the freezer to chill (literally) for six hours.
Go run a few miles while you wait so you don't feel guilty about what you're about to do.
After the time's up, devour the whole damn thing.

And then once you're done and your hands are stickier than a piece of gum stuck to a shoe on a 98 degree (oh hey Nick Lachey) day, grab a Wet-Nap to clean yourself up. They're softer and stronger than ever, they moisturize with aloe, and on top of that they don't smell like you just stuck your head in a bottle of vodka, yet they still sanitize perfectly. Oh and if you head to Walmart like I did, you can use this coupon to get 55 cents off of any Wet-Nap product while supplies last. Just head to the napkin aisle to find them and you'll be well on your way to being less sticky!

Now go get yourself some whipping cream and condensed milk so that you can enjoy a bowl of heaven with me at my nonexistent party. That's an order. Over and out.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Life Choices

Well I'm alive. I guess. It's been a week and a half since I've shown face around here and let me tell ya, it was definitely needed. Heartbreak is serious, guys, holy heck. I've been through breakups before but this one pretty much took the sunshine straight out of my sky. And that is never, ever, okay. If only we could shut off the part of our brains that produce certain memories, right? Then I could actually listen to the radio, or see things pertaining to North Carolina, or come into contact with anything that reminds me of him without wanting to go run and hide under the covers for two months. Yikes.

But anyway...

I took a few days of drinking and snuggling with Whitney and then a couple more in the comfort of home with my family and now things are starting to turn around a bit. I'm getting more towards the point of things being less "holy shit that was my whole future, my life plan" to "holy shit that was a dumb ass move on your part, don't regret it". And that is always, always, okay. So I will be fine and life will go on and I will continue to strut through the streets in my Hunter boots with my face towards the sun. Woosah. 

The only real problem here is that whole "So what's next?" question everyone (including myself) has been asking me ever since doomsday went down last week. Because I'm pretty sure it was obvious by now that my life plans were a tad bit on hold this summer until my relationship plans were figured out. Destination: Charlotte or "Wherever the Hell he Was" being at the top of my "hopeful plans" list, and then once that move happened it would be game on figuring out what it is I really want to do with my life in terms of a career. 

But now I have a destination and a career to figure out all on my own, and that has been causing my head to spin faster than the tilt-a-whirl at your country fair. It's both exciting and terrifying at the same time. To basically have the entire world out there as a possibility for your future. It's quite daunting. 

So I've broken it down into a few options that are currently swimming around in this little head of mine.

1. New York City
This is the absolute easiest possibility on the table right now. I can go back to my apartment anytime I want since I'm currently subleasing to a friend who knows I could want to come back at anytime. All my furniture is there. All of my new living room decor is there. I'd just need to bring all of my clothes back and boom, I'm set. I also have about four different families that want me to nanny for them that are basically just waiting on me to decide if I'm coming back to Manhattan or not. So there it is, a job and an apartment right there waiting for me. 

But here's the thing: I'm sick of New York. So sick of New York. I said I wanted a change a month or two ago and that's still the case. Do I want to go back to my old life if it's not exciting me just because it's easy and readily available and waiting for me? I don't know.

2. Stay Here
Here being home. My parents' home. Half of me says yikes and half of me says comfort. I've really loved being home for the time that I've been here so far this summer. Plus fall in Upstate is amazing and that quickly turns into the holidays when I love being home anyway, so it'd be a good time to be here for a little while. I could work and have time for my blog while saving money. I could also take a couple graphic design classes at the local college around here. Being home wouldn't be the worst thing in the world since I've been away since I was 18, but still, do I REALLY want to live at home with my parents at 25? I really don't know.

3. Israel
My nanny family has wanted me to move there with them since before they had even told me they were moving there. They'd take me in a heartbeat, I'd have a brand new little three month old to start taking care of, and I'd have one hell of a life experience. Half of me is scared shitless of this idea and the other half thinks to myself, self, why in the HELL not?! You only get one life here on this earth so why not shake up the universe and go live it? So this could definitely be a contender. I'd just prefer for there not to be a full blown war going on over there right now. We shall see.

4. A Brand New Place 
And then the last part of me wants to just pick everything up and move somewhere completely new and start fresh. Set out a map and plop my finger down just about anywhere. Work my ass off to find a job, find an apartment, make new friends, experience new things. I'm not sure what I'd do or where I'd go, but this option makes my heart jump up and down. The only problem is you need a bit of money to do this and I'm not sure if I'm ready to drain a savings account for a chance at something new.

And that's where I'm at right now. A big clusterfuck. But I'm excited!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This is How a Heart Breaks

It's odd that I feel the need to come here to update the blogging world about my life. I'm not sure if it's crazy or sad or healthy or what, but when something life altering happens to me, I eventually think "Shit, how the hell am I going to blog about that?" within a matter of a day or two after said life altering thing happens. 

It's crazy that this is the world we live in - the one where it's just completely commonplace to let people you don't talk to on a daily basis know what you're up to. Even if you don't blog and just post things on Facebook, most all of us do it in some capacity. It's sad that informing the blog world about my newest life change is something that crosses my mind so quickly because it'd be nice to just wallow in my own thoughts for a little while without that sense of urgency. But then again it's also healthy to explode your feelings somewhere instead of keeping them all bottled up inside your head. Maybe the explosion should happen on a therapist's couch instead of a public forum on the internet, but hey, to each their own I guess right?

But as for the life update and the explosion of feelings. I don't think I'm ready to go all into it. Actually, I know I'm absolutely nowhere near ready to go all into it. Because my heart has pretty much been stuck in a blender on high for the past three days and now it's just dumped out on the floor in a heartbroken puddle wondering how in the hell it got here and how on earth it's going to stitch itself back together. And when a heart goes through that much turmoil, it needs some time. A lot of freaking time. 

And a lot of listening to Taylor Swift songs, whoops. So for now I'll pretty much just be trying to keep my head up, my eyes dry, my memories repressed, and myself occupied. 

The first stop on that journey is Orlando for the next six days to see Whitney. Because drinking Miller Lite's, hanging out in the pool, snuggling with Ella, and celebrating the birth of my favorite unicorn are probably some of the best ways to begin this long and hellish climb back up to the strong and independent girl I know that I am. She's buried deep down under quite a bit of sadness right now, but I know I'll get there. So bare with me while I sort out my thoughts and my life and probably take a bit of a breather from this place I like to come to so often. And maybe just send a few Chipotle coupons my way, because girlfriend needs some comfort food right about now.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's Going Down, I'm Yelling Tinder

Online dating. Depending on who you talk to, these could quite possibly be the two scariest (and most judged) words when strung together. Take them away and add in the sole word "Tinder" and things get even sketchier. I totally get why Tinder gets such a bad rap but since I've been on the other side of the judgement, actively going on Tinder dates in the past, I can't really hate on it. 

Sure there was that one god freaking awful date that I went on and ended up blogging about. That was enough to scar me from the online world of dating for, umm ever, but sure enough I kept on trucking. And thank goodness because I ended up meeting my then boyfriend. We all remember hunkfest, no? While we obviously are no longer together, I am tremendously grateful and glad that I have that relationship under my belt because I learned quite a lot about myself and what I wanted (and didn't) out of a relationship. Plus it also proves that Tinder isn't a complete and utter shitshow since I'm about the pickiest broad in the world and ended up finding a guy I actually could bring home to my parents' right?

But anyway, those are just a couple of my Tinder stories. The good and the bad. But today I have Jordyn here to discuss some more with you, so keep reading because it's quite entertaining, enjoy!


Hi guys, I'm not Erin, although sometimes I wish I was. Not only does the girl have fabulous hair but also mad decorating skills. I'm Jordyn (I blog at The Fairy Princess Diaries) and despite my subpar decorating skills and frizzy hair, I still like to write, and I'd be just charmed if just for today you'd like to read.

As a newly single college girl who had no interest in flirting with any more frat boys, I decided to give Tinder a try. I know what you're thinking, you're judging me, and it's cool because I'm judging me too. I'm here to vouch for Tinder, not as a means of finding your Prince Charming (although who knows I guess) but as another opportunity altogether. 

You see, when I first joined Tinder I had no idea how to date...but the weirdest part was I didn't know that I had no idea how to date. I had been a serial monogamist since I was 13 years old so in my mind I was practically Carrie Bradshaw. Poor baby Jordyn had so much left to learn.


The first lesson I learned on Tinder was how picky you're allowed to be. Bachelor #1's pictures are blurry, to the trash he goes. Bachelor #2 can't seem to tell the difference between "you're" and "your" buh-bye. Bachelor #3 spells his name "Conuer" is that supposed to be "Conner" or "Connor", or something different altogether...pretty sure this is an awkward pronunciation situation waiting to happen...um no. Then there's Bachelor #4. Bachelor #4 is pretty cute, has a picture with a puppy, followed by one wearing a bow tie (#swoon), only to steal your heart with the that one of him kissing his Grandma on the cheek! Against your better judgement (and the dating advice your parents gave you) you decide to give Tinder Bachelor #4 a try.

After a few "swipe right"s (matches) and way more "ew no"s,  you start talking to a few guys. My type tends to resemble Peter Parker in the sense that they're usually a gawky, awkward, science major preferably with bad enough vision to accessorize with thick rimmed glasses. Tinder is the perfect place to "expand your horizons" per se, and try on a few new types to see how you like them. Trust me when I say all the types are there but here are a few you are GUARANTEED to encounter.

The Grown Up Frat Boy - This guy is just like a regular frat boy but all grown up and graduated from college. He's pretty to look at, has copious amounts of alcohol available at all times and overuses winky faces via text. Unlike the frat guys of your past, he has his own apartment (no sleeping porch cuddling, wohoo), a real job (yay grown up dates) and even more game (uh-oh). This guy will gaze into your eyes longingly over dinner, call you "baby" on a second date, and as all frat boys do, make promises he has no intention of keeping. He says he wants to take you out on his boat, on a hike, to meet his friends, etc. It's all music to the ears just know this is one of those "they all say things you want to hear when there are ulterior motives involved" situations so be cautious.

The Techy Nerd - Your first date with the techy nerd will probably be a chill meet up for coffee, he might spill tea on himself, casually bring up binary code, and stutter a little bit as he hugs you goodbye. His awkwardness is mainly just awkward but a small part of you may find it endearing, especially those of you who lay awake fantasizing about Peter Parker (aka me). After a date or two you will be convinced Techy Nerd is not only obsessed with you but head over heels in love with you. He can't stop ranting about how beautiful you are, he laughs at all your jokes, and most importantly he goes out of his way to plan out sweet dates. You start envisioning your life talking nerdy instead of talking dirty until he becomes so wrapped up in coding and compilers or er… something, can a guy who designs phone apps in his free time really not be bothered to text you back?!

The Hipster- Naturally I was drawn to the Hipster due to his suspenders and thick rimmed glasses. The hipster will most likely draw you in with intelligent conversation, witty jokes and the curiosity that come along with a guy who invites you to play croquet with his handmade croquet set on a first date. It's so cute how he wears the same jeans as you and drives the cutest little mini cooper and sends you those ironic selfies of him wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt to bed. Dates with your hipster suitor will never be ordinary (or mainstream) but even ladies as "not basic" as you and I just want to see a non indie film and grab coffee at effing Starbucks once in awhile right?!

The Insta-Husband - Insta Husband is ready to settle down from the moment he meets you. You'll know because he'll show up with your favorite flowers on your first date (uh...did you ever tell him your favorite flowers?!) and quickly toss around jokes about how beautiful and genetically superior your children together would (ahem "will") be. You'll laugh off his premature commitment until he starts grilling you on your family's history of fertility, where you hope to raise your kids, and whether or not you carry the red headed gene. Suddenly you'll feel all kinds of claustrophobic and kicking "Insta-Husband" to the curb will be a no brainer.

The "DTF" Bro - You'll know "DTF" Bro because as soon as you meet up for lunch he'll suggest tequila shots and a quick trip back to his apartment. Do regular people do things like tequila shots before 1:00pm, does this bro have like...a job?! Some "DTF" bros are even bold enough to suggest this sort of intimacy before you even meet in the flesh or exchange phone numbers. I've never been so lucky as to encounter such a bold maneuver via Tinder, which either says I'm really selective with the guys I talk to or there's something incredibly off putting about my profile. Either way this dude is most likely trouble, even if you are "DTF", anyone daring enough to become this close with a complete stranger and potential catfish (uh hello you could have totally stolen those photos from anyone (see "Erin's Catfish") should be critically examined for flaws and reexamined until you discover what is wrong with said human.

What can these Tindermen teach you about dating? About life? About yourself? I'm going to sound like a complete lunatic when I say this but I can honestly preach that Tinder has taught me more about dating and yes even myself (outside of dating) than I could have ever imagined. Tinder has taught me how to date (you know like real dates not just "hanging out"), how to let myself be pursued (instead of overanalyzing three word text messages for four hours) and most importantly how to find fulfillment and value in myself outside of others. 

There are going to be guys who tell you you are beautiful just to make you feel like crap when they don't text the next day. There are going to be guys who surprise you with the perfect date only to move on to the next girl before he even drops you off at home. There are going to be guys who make you homemade candles and text you nonstop for weeks only to freak out and go missing the minute you mention meeting for drinks with you and your friends. 

Moral of the story, you wonderful you, are just as gorgeous, intelligent, hilarious and worthy of love, whether or not your Tinder date sees it or not. Tinder can be inflating, and humbling and in the end a great reminder that who we are doesn't change just because Mr. Sexy-Sixpack conveniently looses our number.


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Can we just get an amen to this guest post?! This is easily one of my favorites yet. 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Eye Opener

Sometimes you come across quotes, stop reading halfway through, yawn for a second, and then throw them into the dark hole that is the pile of random shit you see daily but won't think twice about ever again. And sometimes you come across quotes like the one below, stop dead in your tracks, say "holy hell", and then rethink your entire way of living.

I don't know who this Robin character is, but whoever he is, he's a god damn genius. Because if there was ever a set of words that could smack you straight out of a funk, then these would definitely be the ones. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm deathly afraid of living a life just like this, or if it's because I've been living the life of a world traveler without a real routine lately, but this spoke straight to me.

The immense fear I have of waking up one day when I'm 75 only to realize I've lived a life of monotonous routine stems from my senior year in high school when my English teacher, Mr. Clifford, assigned us a project on the book "The Chocolate War". There was a quote in the main kid's locker that read "Do I dare disturb the universe?", and we were supposed to interpret that and answer the question ourselves. 

Do I dare disturb the universe? Do I dare relinquish myself from the conformity that is "normalcy"? Do I dare break free from sleepwalking through my days and, in turn, through my life?

I remember sitting there at my desk absolutely dumbfounded by it all. I had never looked at going about life in a systematic, comfortable, easy, straight forward, "I know what I'm doing because this is how I always do it" way as a bad thing. And it's certainly not a bad thing, I suppose, if that's what truly makes you happy. But it doesn't for me. It just isn't enough. So my answer to all of those questions back when my little old self was a mere seventeen was "abso-friggin-lutely". My answer to all of those questions now is still the same, just intensified by this new found quote of Robin Sharma's. Because his statement basically is the answer to whether or not you should disturb the universe. If you don't ever step out of the boundaries, do something new, or venture down a path that isn't so comfortable, then you're most likely just doing the same thing every year, for 75 years, and calling it your life.

I refuse to do that. I will not do that. I am petrified of that. Because YOLO. Sorry I had to.

Now that I've broken free from my own "wake up everyday at 7:10, get on a bus at 7:27, start nannying at 8:00, leave at 5:00, eat dinner at 6:00, go to bed at midnight" everyday routine to basically do whatever I want for a couple months, I've realized once again how insanely amazing it is to disturb this great big universe that holds the possibilities of each of our lives. Obviously I absolutely loved my days in New York as a nanny doing that same thing over and over. And obviously it is absolutely necessary to have that stable schedule because, hello, how else are we supposed to be mature adults paying bills while responsibly making a mark on this world. But I'm also the kind of person that needs to take a time out from that. The kind of person that breaks life into chunks and counts down to the end of one routine before I can go out and shake things up a bit. Because without the shaking and the disturbing, life gets pretty damn boring, pretty damn quickly.

So let's disturb the universe a bit, shall we? 

Call it a vacation, call it trying barbacoa in your burrito bowl instead of chicken, call it picking up and moving to a brand new place, call it driving home the scenic way instead of the faster way you take every single day. Just go out and break up the conformity that you probably haven't even realized your life has become.

Today I have Heather from My Little Happily Ever After here to share a few of her favorite things with you. My personal faves of her faves are the quote and obviously the gif. Because who in their right mind wouldn't want to be Blair Waldorf?! Check her out below and then go say hi on her own Princess-themed blog!

I'm a girly girl, but would like to think I'm up for trying most things once; I mean I did live on a farm for eight years! Since I'm the oldest, I'm pretty bossy and while it gets stuff done, that's been a bad thing for relationships in my past. I think the color pink is one of the best parts of this world and I love it when animal prints are "in". The one thing I can't live without would be water, which I drink through my straw cups… everyday! I'm always blogging about the stuff that's important to me, sometimes it's as innocent as the beautiful Florida weather and other times it's the latest New Adult or Romance book I've read.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Newest Obsession

Sooo I have a new thing to add to my list of obsessions. It falls rights behind the ever so obvious and painfully over-talked about other favorites of mine, cough Chipotle / chips and dip / Corona Lights / Charlotte / collages / Christmastime (I swear I like things that don't start with the letter 'C'). And I'm hoping this "thing" is quite obvious now that you've just feasted your eyeballs on my most recent collage up above.

I'm sure most of you have probably already seen this brand floating around your Instagram feeds or local shops by now, but if not, let me be the first to introduce you to Ban.Do

It doesn't get much brighter, quirkier, or sparklier than this. I'm pretty sure my brain automatically does one and a half cartwheels as soon as the website even pops up onto my browser. I mean how could it not when the brand is inspired be confetti cannons, roller coasters, milkshakes, and good times? Their words, not mine. It's just simply the most fun you can have while shopping. Unless the shopping could be free of course. But with prices like these, there really isn't too much of a need to sweat.

Trust me, I'm THEE biggest wimp when it comes to opening up my wallet, so if I can even justify the cash money then it's totally worth it. In the past week alone I've bought three things. First, the "hello good times coozie" which was in yesterday's post, and then most recently the "sip sip tumbler in frills" as well as the "17 month agenda in party dots". That gem speaker and the striped bandeaux are probably going to be up next.

But P.S. I haven't owned a planner/agenda since high school aka seven solid years ago. I'm extremely organized but I somehow feel less organized as soon as I write things down so I prefer to keep it all in my head instead. Things are seriously bonkers up in here, guys. But guess who has started to forget things now that she has a billion and a half different projects going on? Me. 

So I need a freaking planner. 

Except for there was that whole "fear of open wallet" syndrome thing, which means that this little lady can't fathom for the life of her spending the however many gobs of dough that is required for an Erin Condren or Whitney English, or whatever the cool kids buy these days. Sooo enter the Ban.Do 17-Month Agenda for.... drum roll please.... a whopping twenty bucks! Plus it 100% hands down looks like the most fun planner that you ever did see. Seriously just watch this 45 second video on it and you'll agree.

Tell me that's not the cutest effing thing you've ever seen in your life? I think I might actually even enjoy this written down organization thing. Oh and the other best thing? The planner pages start August 1st of this year and keep on truckin' until the end of 2015. Hallelujah to something that actually starts right now when you need it instead of in however many months it'll take until we arrive at the next year.

So now that I've shoved lots of pretty things in your face via the collage up there, as well as a planner down here, you're going to want some goods aren't you? Well you're in luck because... 

I'm giving away a Ban.Do 17-Month Agenda! 

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below and one lucky lady will win with the option of choosing either the "I am very busy" planner or the "Party Dots" planner. Giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Good luck and party on!

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