Thursday, April 17, 2014


"She flies with her own wings."

It's a quote that I've been living by for the past few years. One that fits my life so perfectly that I've  even contemplated getting it tattooed on my body. I've looked at countless examples of it on other people, I've created designs of it in a thousand and one different fonts, I've written on myself in Sharpie to get a sense of what it would actually look like, I've thrown my idea out to friends and family to see what they think of it, etc.

But I've finally come to terms with the fact that tattoos just aren't my thing. I get all itchy just thinking about having something permanently stuck on me, no matter how much meaning the ink holds. Committing to one thing for the rest of my life scares the ever living daylights out of me. And then what about the symmetry of it all? I'm OCD enough that I couldn't have it on one side of my body because I'd feel all lopsided (I'm insane, it's fine) and I can't be feeling that way my entire life can I?

No. So I finally settled on the fact that I wasn't going to get the quote as a tattoo. Cool, got it.

But I still wanted it to hold meaning and be a visible source of inspiration for me. I wanted it to be something that could still be on my body every day, something that others could see and in turn ask me about its meaning, but also something that didn't have to be stuck in the same spot forever. And that's when I decided on getting the personalized gold bar necklace instead.

They've become quite popular over the last couple years. Celebrities get their children's names engraved on them. Some get their husbands initials interlocked with their own with a heart in between. And others write out a word that holds importance to them. I had always loved both the look and the idea behind them, but it wasn't really until this past season of The Bachelor when the idea finally clicked. Clare (you know, the crazy one that I for some reason still loved who was the runner up) has one with the word "creer", the Spanish word meaning "to believe" in English, written across hers. She wore it every day, with everything, and I fell in love. 

So I put my love for the necklace and my love for the quote together and decided that this would be my own version of a tattoo. Because even though it's written across a necklace instead of my skin, it still holds just as much meaning. And here's why:

My Nana died a few years ago, but before she did she had written a poem about monarch butterflies. At her funeral, my family played a video of her singing the poem on a laptop outside for everyone to watch. Sure enough, a beautiful monarch butterfly appeared and landed directly on the laptop screen while we were all watching her sing. I don't really believe in divine intervention but there isn't a single fiber of my being that can forget that magical moment. And that's when I first discovered my attachment to "wings".

Then we have my other grandmother who always used to take me over to one particular window in her house to watch the hummingbirds feed when I was a little girl. I would sit there in amazement as each one fluttered up to the feeder because I had never seen a pair of wings move so fast in my life. And there I had my second set of "wings". Ones that always bring me back to those special memories I have of growing up with my Grama.

The third set comes in the form of my amazing mother. She has been a daycare provider ever since I was born, working in the same classroom every single year. "The Bumblebee Room" is the name of hers. The classroom I went through as a toddler myself, ending up teaching in during high school and college, as well as the place where my mother showed me her passion for children, thus cultivating that same passion within me too.

Monarchs, hummingbirds, and bees; they all have wings. My Nana, my Grama, and my mother; they have all shaped so much of who I am today. And more importantly, each has showed me that being an independent woman who "flies with her own wings" is one of the most important things you can be in life. So with this quote, I not only fly with all of their wings, but also with my own. And with the word engraved on a gold bar around my neck everyday, I have the reminder to do just that.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Brand New Baby of a Bar Cart

Oh this pretty little bar cart of mine. Forget boys, I'm just going to have a full on love affair with this brass box of shelves on wheels. 

I've been wanting one of these contraptions ever since the very first day I laid eyes on one on Pinterest. It was this exact cart from Target, too, because I vividly remember going online with every intention of purchasing it. That is until I realized it was pushing $150 and my eyes did a couple double takes. I mean, I go to bars that have twofers and dollar beer "beat the clock" specials because I like to keep my money right where I can see it, on a bank statement from savings account. So that gorgeous golden bar cart came out of my online shopping cart just as fast as I had tried so desperately to shove it in there.

But then, one magical day many months later, I just so happened to take a peek once more at this glorious bar cart because I had finally decided to re-do my living room. Fairy dust was sprinkled across the screen and there it was, screaming at me with all its might telling me that it was on clearance and that it wanted to come live with me. I wagered back and forth for, oh, about point five seconds before saying "check please!" and we were on our way to heavenly matrimony.

Add in a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond's World Market section and bing bang boom, I had myself some bright colored liquids to fill up my precious new baby. Maybe one day I'll graduate to some actual liquor... but for now it's just going to remain girly, under age, and cheap.

Because after the amount of money I spent on all of the other things in my living room, water and juice were about all my budget had left to afford. No champs and liquors over here, so pregame before you come over ladies.

I realized rather quickly that decorating an apartment has absolutely no intention of keeping your wallet in check while doing so. Not in the slightest bit. But since I've never really "gone all out" before and actually decided to be serious about making my living room look and feel like a legitimately decorated space instead of a half-assed attempt, I thought I'd go for it and hack away a bit at that precious savings of mine. And now that I did it and it's finally finished, I think it was so unbelievably worth it. Because now not only do I have the most perfect space ever to come home to, I have a newfound passion.

And that's it for the living room tour, my friends. I hope you've enjoyed the ride. Maybe I'll eventually get to showing you around my room whenever I finally get around to finishing it. But for now... peace up, A town down.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living Room Decor

And that wraps up the picture dump of the new decor in my tiny New York City sized living room. Take a quick breath, there was quite a lot to take in right there.

Okay phew, we made it. 

So what do you think? If you hate it, just lie to me. If you love it, then come sit down right next to me because I'm driving the infatuation bus over here. It hasn't even set in yet that it's actually my own apartment. I feel like the seagull from Finding Nemo screaming "mine mine mine" as I twirl around in the middle of everything. Like, I think you can officially call yourself a freak when you get excited to go home, not because you get to take your pants off, but because you get to see your pretty new space again. Is this what missing your child all day feels like?

My shoebox is filled with all things pink, white, grey, and gold (obviously my most favorite colors of all) as well as the blooms and all my animal friends. Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. And I'd say I pretty much stuck to my plan way back when I posted my inspiration board for the room too. So I'd like to just give myself a "yo go Glen Coco" pat on the back for actually doing what I intended for once.

But it doesn't stop there. 

Tomorrow we'll be taking a look at my favorite part of the whole room (besides the bulldog of course, who may or may not come face to face with a can of metallic gold spray paint in the near future). The corner that houses my brand spanking new BAR CART. Someone come hold me because I think I'm love sick. I'll give you one tiny sneak peak for now but be sure to come back tomorrow to get the whole picture.

Source list:

Couch - Craigslist (I didn't die, hooray)
End table - Target (no longer sold)
Coffee table - Target (no longer sold)

8x10 Maples Fretwork - Target

Elephant - H&M (so many amazing and insanely cheap finds in their home collection, obsessed)
White floral - H&M
Coral - Society 6 (the cheapest most amazing site ever in life)
Gold dots - Society 6
Ampersand - thrifted

Bed Bath & Beyond (don't buy frames here unless you're impatient like me - complete rip off)

Bicycle - Pinterest
Pink Punch Bug - Taryn St Michelle
Water color quote - So Shay

Largeooden tray under coffee table - Target
Glass vase on bottom shelf of coffee table - H&M
Chalkboard/Corkboard - Target
Bulldog - TJ Maxx (I peed my pants when I found this)
White heart bucket - Target dollar aisle
Pink striped box - Target dollar aisle
Gold glitter tray - DIY glittered vinyl paper inside a plain white frame

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Today is Monday aka the worst day of the week. Today is going to be a very busy whirlwind. Today means I don't have time for much writing so a weekend picture dump gets to constitute as a blog post, hooray. So if you've come here to give your eyeballs a break from reading weekend recap after recap, you're welcome.

Some pretty blooms while walking to the happy hour I so desperately needed Friday after work. The same blooms that make my face look anything but pretty. Just talk to the two eyeballs that turn into permanent bee stings whenever I wake up in the morning. Eff you allergies, eff you.

Anyway, I finally got my pint of beer and was a happy camper again after finding out the sad news about my nanny family Friday afternoon. More on that this week probably. 

After happy hour I ended up heading over to my friend's apartment to hang out on the rooftop, because that's just what New Yorkers do when the temps push 70. A) we go to happy hour for drinks, and b) we drink the drinks on the roof. Because the city views never get old no matter how many years you've lived here.

Saturday was a pretty relaxing day. There wasn't too much on the agenda other than "take the trash out" apparently. But at least it was a good look while doing so. Target for the win. Again. And again just for good measure.

Later on I walked a few blocks up the street to grab some Mexican and margs at Cilantro with my roommates' family. The waiter looked at me like I had a second tongue popping out of my mouth when I ordered that frozen strawberry marg, though. I even had my hair down and makeup on. I quit.

P.S. Plantain chips rule the world.

P.P.S. So do Sunday mornings spent reading magazines, perusing through Pinterest, drinking a Dunkin' coffee coolatta, and planning for a bright bright sunshiny day.

And bright and shiny it was, so I took a stroll downtown just to walk around before taking on the craziness of a day that was about to ensue in my apartment.

After I was done playing tourist and taking pictures of random ass things, I for some reason decided that it was the perfect time to finally get to redoing my living room. So then I spent the following 12 hours straight printing things at Staples, buying more decor, cleaning, rearranging, hanging, and decorating. And I didn't stop for one single second throughout the entire process. Like not even to eat.

I finally sat down at midnight to eat a bowl of soup, my first meal of the entire freaking day, and that's when I realized I was in love. I seriously felt like I was sitting inside of a pin on Pinterest when I looked around. But now I just need to learn how to photograph interior spaces so that I can show you all the progress. 

Any tips out there anyone?

For now I guess I can at least show you a quick pic of my new bedding, that is if you haven't seen it on Instagram already. And if you haven't then why aren't we friends so we can stalk each other?

The sheets are from Target, duvet cover from Bed Bath & Beyond, and pink pillow from H&M. It's basically all just one big slice of bed heaven. I got in it last night and legitimately felt like I had been transported to a five star hotel. I used to say there was nothing better than Chipotle; now I think I'm going to say there's nothing better than sliding into brand new bedding. Simply divine. And you know I mean it when I say divine because I despise that word more than "moist".
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Loving and Loathing

1// I made my first ever (yes, ever) grilled cheese sandwich last night and totally nailed it, heart shaped baby sammy and all. For those of you who are new to the Two Thirds Hazel party... I don't like bread. Hence why I had to Google how to actually make said grilled cheese sandwich before doing so.

2// I ordered gold glitter washy tape. GOLD. GLITTER. WASHY TAPE. That is all.

3// Miss Dior perfume. I seriously cannot get enough of this scent. After years and years of walking into Sephora just to spray it on me and walk out, I finally got up the courage to make the purchase and take it home to be mine. Someone explain to me why perfume has to cost $100 a fucking ounce, though.

4// Peeps. The newest category added to my food pyramid. You can find it situated right next to vitamin gummies, Miller Lite pints, and Chipotle corn salsa. But only if the peeps are stale and hard.

5// This Facebook status from the Army about my brother's group. Little broski has completed all of his requirements and will be graduating boot camp oh so soon!

6// The fact that I may just be attending my first Yankees game of the season this weekend. Cross your fingers that Stub Hub prices go down and that I don't pour beer onto any Red Sox fans' heads.

1// The really, really, REALLY sad news that I just received today that has already made me cry three times. More to come on that maybe next week once my brain actually wraps itself around the entirety of the situation.

2// Allergies. Kill them all.

3// My body. This girl seriously, actually, definitely, no doubt about it, needs to get back to the gym. I put on my white jeans this morning and felt like my thighs had grown a whole five inches wider overnight. I blame the Peeps.

4// Having to bite the bullet and pay that $314 hospital bill from when I gashed my foot open accidentally from that piece of glass. Mother fucker.

5// The fact that Outback Steakhouse doesn't serve its "Filet and Crab Legs" meal 365 days out of the year. Girlfriend can't afford fancy crab legs at fancy restaurants in NYC so let's help a sister out over here okay?

6// Distance. Give me flew powder and a Portkey already gosh damnit.

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