Ziplock Flowers

Fun fact: Trevor and I have been dating for a year and nine months and he has never once given me flowers. Not way in the beginning when he openly admitted to trying to impress me, not for our first Valentine's Day, or our second, not for my birthday, or for Mother's Day now that there's a little baby swimming around inside of me (and don't forget our real baby, Pudge), just never.

He even told me at one point way back in the beginning of us dating that he's never given any girl flowers. Now I'm not sure if that's actually true or if he was just trying to make me feel better after not giving me any on Valentine's Day, haha, but that was that and I honestly never expected any ever again.

And it's definitely not like I ever asked for them or need them to feel validated. There have been plenty of other awesome gifts and simple love gestures and I'm just as happy.

I'm also definitely one of those girls that would probably rather have Chinese food and gummy worms delivered to me before a $40 bouquet of flowers that will die in four days ever showed up at my door. So I was 100% fine with knowing that I may never get flowers from him. Not a big deal.

But then he walked in the door last night after leaving golf league and handed me these little beauts.

One little bunch of flowers wrapped up in wet paper towel and housed in a ziplock bag.

He said they were sitting out in vases on all the tables in the club house and they made him think of me, so he asked the manager if he could take just one little bunch home, and that's exactly what he did. 

Then I died and realized I'd rather have a hundred little bunches wrapped up in ziplock bags, given to me for no reason at all, than receive any giant, expensive bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day. And I also wouldn't trade my first flowers for any others. Because me sitting at home on the couch with Pudge, watching Bachelorette in frumpy yoga pants, feeling like a whale and looking like a hot mess with no makeup on, was the best Erin that could have possibly accepted the cutest little packaged up baggy of unexpected little flowers.

Because it's the little things at the most random times that make all the difference in the world. Oh how I love that man.

And that's it for my hormonal sapfest. Happy Humpday, y'all!

Blog Design Launch: The Barbee Housewife

"I want something completely different than I have now. I like classic, with a little trendy added in. Black, white, gold, pink, and florals."

Those were the words I got back from my client, Caroline, after I had asked her what she was looking for in a new blog design. I even received a couple "I have no idea :)" responses to a couple of the questions regarding fonts and inspiration graphics. So she pretty much gave me free reign to design something I liked because she said she really just loves my aesthetic and then would tweak anything to her liking once I was finished.

Music to a blog designer's ears!

She did finally end up caving and sent me a pin from Pinterest of a bridal shower invitation that she liked the overall look of. The kraft paper, the fonts, the florals - all amazing. So this single image was what I based her entire site design off of.

And from there it was off to the races and I whipped up one of my most favorite blog designs to date. Another one of those "Should I really send this over to the client, or should I just keep it for my own re-design?" moments.

So go check everything out and make sure you stop by Caroline's blog, The Barbee Housewife, to read up on all of her awesome recipes!


Feel free to pin any of these images to Pinterest to save for future blog design inspiration! And if you're looking for a blog revamp of your own, I'd looove to help you :) Check out my portfolio, shoot me an email, and let's get started! 

Nursery Inspiration

We're inching closer and closer to having a ready to go blank space in the nursery. The faux shiplap wall is up and now it just needs to be primed and painted. Trevor is halfway done laying down the hardwoods and then it's on to the glorious task of picking out the stain. I already know I'm going to be THEE most annoying human trying to get the perfect shade.

Dark enough, but not so dark that you could see one of Pudge's eyelashes on it, with some gray to it as well, and definitely no hints of orange or red. Poor Trev

But once the walls are painted and the floors are stained I can start putting all the fun stuff in there! And speaking of fun decor stuff, let's take a look at some of the pins that have some of the style I'm looking for.

Image sources found here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

I definitely love my neutrals and textures so that's not going to change for baby either. I'm currently in the middle of trying to decide what accent color to choose or if I should even choose one at all. Everything I have so far is white, light gray, or cream colored. Here's what I have purchased so far.

Print / Moccs / Letter / Crib / Rug / Unicorn / Pillow / Dresser / Chair

Except for, of course, the zinc letters since we have no idea what her name is yet. I swear she'll have one by the time she's four. Who knew that Trev would actually care this much about naming her?! Gah I won't even get into it, I'll save that for another day and another post.

So I'm not sure if I should add in textiles and accents in a color or just keep them neutral along with all the other bigger pieces I have so far. If I did decide on doing a color I'm thinking either...

A) Periwinkle and violet, B) Blush and pink, or C) Mint and light teal.

I change my mind every day. I'm leaning towards the blush pink the most just because there are the most options in this color scheme and also because it's the only room I can actually get away with making pink and girly. But then I saw no and want to go with one of the other options since the "pink baby girl nursery" is so overdone. So basically, I have no effing clue.

Which option would you choose? Help!

The Halfway Mark: A Bumpdate

I cannot even for the life of me understand how I'm already halfway done with being pregnant. It still doesn't feel real 85% of the time. It seems like I was in the bathroom staring at two pink lines and checking them over fifteen hundred times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me just yesterday.

And now here we are with only 20 weeks to go until we get to meet our daughter. Our daughter. We've both started calling her that and I feel like a ridiculously annoying walking talking cliche because I just can't even. My stomach does summersaults just thinking about it so I won't bore you with my emotions. Instead, I'll give you a little "ohhhh we're halfway there" bumpdate.

Complete with the shittiest mirror selfie of all time. Many apologies.

How far along: 20 weeks. There's a human the size of a banana in that belly. What?!

Gender: A little lady! I think Trevor is finally coming around to the idea that his dead-set boy prediction is actually dead wrong. Although he may still be holding out the tiniest bit of hope that our anatomy ultrasound will miraculously discover boy parts tomorrow haha.

Weight gain: About 10 pounds. I snapchatted about this over the weekend because this is by far the weirdest thing about being pregnant to me. The night we left for the cruise I weighed myself so that I could also weigh myself with my suitcase to make sure it was under 50 pounds. I don't really remember the last time I checked before then because scales are the devil. So I'm not really sure of my exact starting weight since I tend to fluctuate a few pounds either way just about every other two hours. But I weighed 112 that night and I would have been about three/four weeks along then (obviously I had no idea at the time but I now know looking back), so even though I was already technically pregnant I'm going with that as my starting weight. And I'm pretty sure five of those ten pounds have gone to my boobs. Which are the second (and third?) weirdest things about being pregnant to me.

Maternity clothes: Why don't we wear maternity jeans even when we're not pregnant? That's all I have to say. My Chipotle bumps would very much thank me if I did. I have one pair from H&M and I need at least twenty seven more. But those and some tees and tanks from Gap are all I have so far.

Sleep: Doing just fine other than waking up at least twice to pee and blowing my god damn nose all night long.

Best moment this month: Finally announcing it to everyone, even though I really enjoyed having it be just our little secret for those first months, and finding out she's a she!

Worst moment this month: Finding out she's a she and and therefor wanting to buy all the things for her. Oh my poor wallet. Thank heavens for my baby registry so that I can just stuff all the things I want there instead of in my actual online shopping carts. Good lord. The only really asinine thing I have on there is a pair of baby Hunter boots. But come on, do you even know me? She must have them.

Miss anything: Miller Lite's and mimosas.

Movement: No and I'm really sad about it. The tech at my elective ultrasound at 18 weeks told me that I have an anterior placenta so I won't feel her for awhile.

Cravings: I think I've replaced all the blood in my body with lemonade at this point. LOVE lemonade. Watermelon and strawberries. Ice cream. Cheetos. Nothing too weird, though.

Looking forward to: Getting to see her again tomorrow at our 20 week anatomy scan and confirming that she is really a "her". And also Trevor putting the hardwood floors down this week so I can move everything back into the nursery and start decorating. Oh and feeling her for the first time. I feel like it will finally feel like there's an actual human growing inside of me if I can feel her.

Nursery Progress

I'm not quite sure what I'm more excited about, getting to meet my daughter or getting to decorate her room. I kid I kid, but I really am over the moon ecstatic about nursery ideas. So much so that I was awake from 3-5am this morning going over everything I want to get done in my head. 

It was either that keeping me up or the ongoing internal debate of my two current name front runners, but who's keep tracking here...

Back to nursery shenanigans. We have a crib, a chair, a rug, and a unicorn head wall mount. Progress, my friends, progress. The only other "big" items I need are a side table to go next to the chair and the dresser/changing table. That's about all that will fit in the tiny room and quite frankly, all she really needs.

There's a really crappy "before" picture for you haha. I decided against getting a glider because A) they cost more than a ripe kidney and B) we don't have room for my favorite tufted chair in the living room anymore now that we moved the new sofa and love seat in and I'm too in love with it to sell it or store it. So I decided moving it in there would be good enough.

Her crib is the Munire Chesapeake Full Panel in light gray. On their site it's over $600 which is just crazytown to me, and it's on Amazon for $480, but my amazing Dad ended up snagging it through his side job/hobby connections for just 60 bucks!

I'm in love with it. I did end up giving it a quick extra coat of light gray paint because the original was more of a stain and you could see the wood grain streaks through it. It was fine as is but I wanted the uniformly opaque painted look so I opted for that and now it's also a bit lighter than the stock photo's coloring.

As for the rug, I went with the Faux Sheepskin from Home Decorators in 5x8 and bought it during their 20% off + free shipping deal a week or so ago. It ended up being quite the steal, especially since the faux quality is really nice. I think Trevor's descriptor word was something along the lines of "disgusting" but what does he know.

And speaking of that Trevor guy... he decided to surprise me with his contribution to the nursery yesterday while I was at work. We currently have about ten year old carpet in all the bedrooms in our house. It was my grandparents' house before so they really kept everything nice and tidy, but still, ten year old carpet is still ten year old carpet no matter how you walk on it. And since Trev lays and refinishes hardwoods we talked about ripping out the old junk and putting in some flooring. But we ultimately came to the decision Sunday night that we'd rather spend money elsewhere since this most certainly isn't our forever home.

That is until I walked in the door to this yesterday afternoon...

Which means he decided sometime between 8pm on Sunday and noon on Monday that he was tearing up the carpet and putting in hardwoods. Which almost meant that I was Pinteresting wood patterns and floor stains for the rest of the evening because he told me to pick out whatever I want and we'll do it. I'm so excited and I have no idea what to do!

But I think that's enough nursery talk for one day. There will definitely be plentyyy more of wherever this all came from so stay tuned.