Oh How Pinteresting

It's been quite a long time since I've dumped my latest Pinterest finds into this blog of mine, so I figured today was as good a day as any to get back into it. And seeing as how pretty pictures don't need much of an introduction, let's just get right to it.

There was once a time when I wanted every single piece of furniture I owned to be white and thought the concept of anyone having wood colored pieces was insane. I've come quite a long way since then because I've fallen in love with wooden furniture in a serious way. They definitely need to be stained right, like this bed frame from Ella Claire, but I really do love how they tie into my obsession for neutrals. Oh and those pillows?! I'm ready to dive in.

I Instagram spammed these a little while ago but I just couldn't help but do it again. I've had a crush on hexagons, as you can probably tell from my new Etsy shop header and past blog post collages that I've done, so it's not surprise that I fell hard for these too. Beijos Events nailed the design for this Mother's Day brunch. And they just might have inspired me to create something similar for my own shop soon!

Fall fall FALL! Give me fall or give me death. That's basically all my mind and body have been screaming lately. Because when you have to lay flat out on your living room floor in front of the air conditioner and still can't seem to regulate your body temperature enough to stop dripping sweat, you realize you're about done with the heat. Being nine months pregnant in the dead of summer is rough, let me tell ya. But this look cozy yet still completely polished look from Ashley over at The Teacher Diva legitimately makes my insides swell up with happiness. I cannot even put into words the excitement that cooler weather, apple picking, jeans, and brand new boots brings me. It's overwhelming and I'm so obnoxious about it that it hurts.

This damn kitchen, you guys. I'd give a pinky toe for it. It's by Nicole Davis Interiors and it's nothing short of perfect. I'm so enamored by the white with the gold fixtures. I've been toying with the idea of changing out my faucet and cabinet hardware so I've been perusing PlumbTile like it's my job searching through their never ending list of options. I especially love the vintage options like this one but how's a girl really supposed to decide with so much to choose from?!

As soon as life slows down for me a bit (yeah right) I'm making this my next DIY project. House numbers definitely don't have to be boring and I'm so drawn to this little wooden plant box version from Cricut. The numbers are made out of stack of chipboard numbers cut out and glued together. How genius is that?

Ever since I stumbled upon The Wood Grain Cottage I've been completely enamored by cotton branches. I've wanted to decorate with them ever since but I've just finally gotten around to scooping some up while the floral section at Hobby Lobby was half off. I'm not sure how much fall decorating will be happening in our home since baby girl is due right as Autumn is set to arrive, but I'll at least have my cotton stems! Plus, I think I can probably manage a couple pumpkins on my kitchen counter like The Grace House has here.

And that about does it for me on this Friday afternoon. I'm off to go ship out all of your orders from Kensington Gray's shop launch yesterday, woohoo! I can't thank you all enough for your sweet words and especially to those that ordered. It was such a success and I love that you love them just as much as I do.

My Brand New Etsy Shop!

So after updating the world via Snapchat and Instagram, I realized I never quite introduced all of you faithful blog readers to my newest endeavor. Whoops. But I'm hear to do that now and good news for you, there's no waiting, because it's officially live!

Meet Kensington Gray, my brand new Etsy shop, where you'll find handmade loves for your little ones.

After finding out that our soon-to-be-born daughter, was in fact, a daughter, I began searching Etsy high and low for accessories. Headband accessories, specifically. There are about a billion and a half bow headband sellers on Etsy (I'm such a genius for becoming yet another, I know) but I just couldn't seem to find exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to set out in an attempt to make my own.

A few pieces of felt, a hot glue gun, and my baby niece as a model were all I needed before I realized I loved making baby headbands and I wanted the world to love them too.

So here we are, about six months after I made my first few products, just now launching this thing. There must be something about growing a human inside of you that just takes over your life and gets in the way of anything new you have going on because, man, it took me long enough.

But I'm extremely excited to finally freaking share them all with you. I hope you love them just as much as I've loved making them because I'm pretty nervous about the whole ordeal. Launch days always seem to make me paranoid, eek! I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and let this baby out into the world, though, because now I can move on to working on the other new products I have up my sleeve and get those listed. My brain just won't quit, guys.

So head on over to Kensington Gray and check everything out so you can let me know what you think! And be sure to follow the new shop on Instagram for updates and giveaways, too.

A Mini Babymoon

So I guess you can say it's been a while, huh? 

Time is just FLYING by and I don't even know what I've been doing to occupy it. Okay okay, that's a lie. We've been busy doing something every. single. weekend this entire summer, so no wonder I feel like I went from "Oh my hell, there are two pink lines on this stick" to "Holy shit, we just took our birthing center hospital tour and are having a baby next month!" in the blink of an eye.

P.S. I highly recommend that hospital tour if you're expecting.

We decided not to do a birthing class and to just do the tour and I'm so glad we did. It feels so much more real now knowing exactly where we'll be driving to and what room we'll be in when we finally get to meet this little nugget. Plus there's Ginger Ale, popsicles, and ice cream bars in the nursing station right next to the delivery rooms and that's all I'll really need to push this thing out of me, so we're all good. I kid I kid, but I do love my Ginger Ale.

Anyway, with all the craziness going on this summer, Trev and I really wanted to take a little getaway together before the little miss arrives. We only have five weeks left before it'll never be "just us" ever again so we at least wanted to do something for a "babymoon" - even if it was only for a night. 

I wracked my brain for weeks trying to figure out what to do. I meannn, is there anything fun to do in life that doesn't involve alcohol...? Not kidding this time, either. Well of course there is but even those things are usually more fun when you're sipping on frozen peach sangria.

So fun to do while sober and also something that was a three or less hour drive away since it wasn't a long trip. I settled on the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area.

We stayed at the Courtyard Buffalo Downtown Canalside hotel which was really nice and conveniently located right next to the newly revitalized Canalside area. We could walk to everything we wanted to do, the bed was a cloud, and the humungous shower was even better.

Canalside is beautiful so we walked around there and checked everything out until I about died from the heat and had to go inside to get some trusty lemonade and air conditioning. 

We stopped at 716 which is a really awesome two story upscale sports bar to catch some of the Bills preseason game and mow down what looked like an entire oven's worth of nachos. We also stopped at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery which was the absolute cutest place with all the hanging flower baskets and second floor outdoor balcony eating areas. The Liberty Hound was our second food stop which had a pier right next to big war ships. We ended up getting some awesome muscles and truffle fries outside on the patio with a view of Canalside and the ships all lit up.

Somewhere in the middle of all that we also took a quick detour over to the casino so Trev could win back all the money we spent on the hotel by playing Blackjack. But smokey casinos and pregnant bellies don't mix so that lasted all but an hour before I was sick of holding my breath every time I walked by a cigarette. Barf.

The next morning we caught the marathon on the Olympics while searching for the best brunch spots in Buffalo before landing on Betty's. It had awesome reviews and they certainly didn't disappoint once we got there because everything was delicious and there were a ton of people trying to get in to be seated.

After stuffing our faces with a bratwurst omelette, a breakfast burrito, and peach smothered waffles, we were on our way to Niagara Falls.

I hadn't been there since I was really young, so I barely remember it, and Trevor had only driven by it on the way into Canada so it was fun new adventure for both of us. 

We decided against doing the Maid of the Mist or any of the other tours because we both seem to be allergic to tourist traps. Especially ones that sardine you onto a boat in ponchos when you already feel like a Baluga. So we just decided to head home after taking a quick stroll around the park in order to get back to snuggling the Pudge man.

Buffalo was never somewhere that I ever pictured to be a "fun" or "pretty" place to visit, but the revitalization (at least in the area we went to) definitely changed my preconceived mind. I would definitely recommend every single place we visited if you're ever in the area. Oh and I would suggest to hands down stay in the Canalside area of Buffalo instead of at any of the hotels on the American side of Niagara if you're planing a trip to see the falls. The Canadian side is definitely a different story for hotel stays though and we plan to maybe check out one of their casino/resorts in the winter sometime because they look amazing!

That's all for now. See ya later this week for a post on some of my favorite Pinterest finds and a hopeful launch of Kensington Gray!

Current Wish List and Recent Buys

BAG: I've fallen in love with bows and I don't care who knows it. This Burberry leeather crossbody is just the cutest thing, isn't it? I mean it's way more than my bag budget (do people actually have those?) would ever allow but a girl can dream right. I found it while perusing my way around Lyst. I know I've mentioned this site on here before, but if you still haven't heard of this site, you need to go check it out. It's an awesome online retailer that rounds up fashion from designers and stores from all over the world and puts everything in one convenient shopping place. This alone made it so easy for me to see a ton of different bag options, like Burberry's, all in one convenient location.

CHARMS: Is it every new mom's right of passage into motherhood to buy some sort of personalized jewelry item with their baby's name or initials on it? Because you can just call me  Cliche if so. I think I finally found something I love through Nashelle, though. They sell mini charms like these that are just 3/8 of an inch in size which is perfect for me because I love dainty simple pieces. And I love that I could get three different ones and put them all on one necklace without it being overkill. The puppy paw for Pudge, a heart for Trev, and just a circular disc with an initial for baby girl. I mean the puke factor is definitely overkill but that's a whole other story haha.

JEANS: These aren't so much a wishlist item since they're currently on their way to my doorstep right now. They're one of my recent buys and also a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I love the distressed look of them and have googly eyes every time I see another Blogger wearing them on Instagram. Now to get my new pregnancy sized thighs into them after the birth of this baby...

SUNNIES: I don't like wearing too much color but I do love to add it in using accessories. This is the perfect pop of pink!

LEGGINGS: Do you have these leggings? You probably do and I'm just the last person on the planet to finally come to know about their existence. Ever since I added them to my shopping cart I see them everywhere and everyone keeps raving about them saying they're THEE legging to have. I was seriously supposed to order like five pairs of them or something. They're that good, they say. I'll let you know my verdict when they arrive.

EYELET TOP: I die over eyelet anything. It's just so frilly and cute and girly. Plus white is my favorite color to wear so this is screaming at me to buy it.

BOOTS: Probably my most exciting recent purchase I can't wait for these Vince Camuto beauties to arrive. I got the tan color and I'm going to apologize now for wearing them all year long, in every outfit picture I post, from here on out. Plus they were $80 off which is just amazing in itself.

And that does it. Tell me what's on your wish list!

My Go-To Summer Sandals

Outfit sources: crochet vest / tank / jeans / sandals

Are these just not the cutest sandals? They're from German Slippers, a company based in (you guessed it) Germany. I've been blogging for four years now and I can without a doubt say I've never collaborated with a company as awesome as this one. Add on a product that I can honestly put my full support behind and it's a match made in heaven.

I mean, how awesome are those sandals up there? They're the Haflinger Bio Lena's in gray and they are everything.

The color is perfect since we all know how obsessed I am with anything and everything gray. They go with just about any outfit. They fit like they were seriously made for my foot. The arch is a bit higher than I'm used to since I tend to only buy cheap summer sandals from Target (hello flat as cardboard) but for anyone needing that extra arch support, these are just an added bonus in aiding in that.

They have a bunch of other styles to choose from in their Summer Collection, as well. There's the more classic looking pair in the Andrea's, but my personal favorite are the Conny's. I just love the sand color and the texture of the leather. Plus they're more like your typical flip flop style which always makes life easy when slipping them on and off when you're on the go.

All of the summer sandals in their shop right now fall under their Haflinger brand. They all have anatomically formed cork footbeds that mold to your feet. All of the materials are natural and made in an eco friendly manner with an emphasis on maintaing proper foot health for the wearer. Sign me up for all of the above - especially for the foot health since these pregnant feet have been getting prettyyy tired by the end of the day.

There's really not much to not love about them. I've gotten numerous compliments on them already and I only just started wearing them a couple weeks ago. A lot of people have been asking me if they're Birkenstocks to which I proudly with respond with a "No, they're even better!" So if you're looking for a similar style, these should be your go-to.

Run right now to check them out and order your own pair! 

And because I wasn't lying when I said German Slippers is one of the best companies I've ever worked with, they're offering 50% off to all of my readers. How's that for a price cut, guys?!

Just enter the promo code "Summer50" in your shopping cart or while checking out and you'll be all set. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Happy sandal shopping!